"Not Just Strip Poker"
By Pink Rabbit Productions
Computer Generated Painting

Story snippet

...Seven flinched, uncertain how to respond. Many times, she had been aware of the pointed gazes of her fellow crewmembers following her, their looks sometimes merely appreciative, and other times full of heat and desire. She had ignored them all with casual disdain, careless of their hunger, viewing her body as nothing more than a vessel. For the first time, she wanted to see that glimmer of lust in another being's eyes, and she was gratified by the lights that gleamed in her captain's eyes. "I wish to kiss you," Seven exhaled, unable to rein in these new thoughts and feelings.

Janeway's brows lifted and she couldn't help but wonder if she would ever get used to Seven's disarming honesty, but for once she didn't try to resist it. "Yes," she exhaled, tilting her head back to meet warm lips as the taller woman leaned down...

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