"About a Girl"

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me; I'm just borrowing them for a short period of time.
Show: Once and Again
Pairing: Jessie/Katie
Rating: PG
Author: Janine
Synopsis: What happens to girl’s after their kiss in Jessie’s room?

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Part 26


Karen’s House - Outside


Katie paced nervously up and down the walkway leading up to Ms. Sammler’s door. It was just past four in the afternoon and she was certain that Jessie was in there having seen her mother pick her up from school an hour earlier. After the incident with Sarah she’d spent the rest of the night deep in thought finally realizing how screwed up she’d gotten since she and Jessie had stopped talking. From swearing at teachers and snapping at her friends, to actually being so out of things that she’d let Sarah get so close to her, it just had to stop, she knew that she had to talk to Jessie. She had to see her, and resolve things one way or the other, because she just couldn’t do this anymore, it was tearing her apart.

The problem was she scared, absolutely terrified at the prospect of actually seeing Jessie only to have the other girl tell her to get lost. The thought that her misplaced pride might have ended up costing her the most important person in her life, causing her to continue pacing, just as she had for the past half hour.

Finally, after nearly wearing a hole in her shoes, Katie stopped pacing and pushed forward stepping up onto the porch. Bouncing up on the balls of her feet and letting out a anxious exhalation of air, she sucked in a deep breath and extended her hand until her finger was resting on the smooth white plastic of Karen’s doorbell. Then clenching her other hand tightly, she closed her eyes and quickly jabbed at the bell.


Jessie yanked the door open fully preparing to give whoever was at the door a piece of her mind - especially if it was those stupid survey people again. However, she stopped abruptly, her body jerking to a stop as if she’d run into an invisible wall when she saw that it was Katie who was standing there. She suddenly found herself at a loss for words as she blinked at the sight of her girlfriend. Katie. Katie was standing at her door. Katie. She couldn’t believe that she was actually there, that she had come to see her. Katie.


Before Katie could even mumble a lame ‘hello’ she found herself hurrying to wrap her arms around Jessie who after a momentary bout of silence and confused blinking had rushed out of the door at her and into her arms.

"Oh my god, I’m so happy to see you," Jessie mumbled into Katie’s shoulder, not even really certain of the words that were coming out of her mouth. "I’ve missed you so much, and I thought that I’d totally messed things up, and I should have returned your calls, I just wanted to apologize to you so much, but every time, I could just never do it, and I thought that you would never talk to me again," she continued to mumble as Katie maneuvered them into the house and closed the door, which she then leaned against bringing Jessie with her.

"I could never stop loving you, not in a million years," Katie told Jessie softly as she stroked her back, blinking rapidly to try and contain the tears that had been forming in her eyes from the moment Jessie touched her. "I shouldn’t have taken everything so personally, I was so stupid, I didn’t even see, she totally didn’t change, and I hurt you and that was the last thing I ever wanted to do," she continued her voice choking in her throat, intense feelings of self-loathing coursing through her body as she remembered how very, very wrong she’d been.

Pulling back out of Katie’s arms, Jessie looked at her girlfriend, really looked at her for the first time since recognizing the figure at the door as her, and literally had to fight the urge to gasp in shock. She was alarming pale as if she had been locked in a room for days, and her eyes were puffy and bloodshot. Her tall frame was hunched over tiredly and her face was tightly drawn like she had forgotten how to relax since the last time they spoke. It broke Jessie heart because she knew that she was the one that had done this to her, she’d taken this amazing person so full of life and energy and love, and twisted her into a shell of that former self because she was too scared and insecure to see the truth, or to believe it when she saw it.

"I’m so sorry I put you through all of this," Jessie managed to choke out as she reached up to stroke Katie’s face, absolutely devastated by Katie’s broken appearance.

"You shouldn’t be," Katie said shaking her head knowing that Jessie was blaming herself for whatever had happened, and that that wasn’t the truth. She had helped the dig the hole, and she had willingly wallowed in it. "There’s no reason, I mean I did stupid stuff too," she continued tears beginning to escape from her eyes. "Really stupid things," she went on turning away from Jessie to hide her face.

"What is it?" Jessie asked placing her hand on Katie’s arm encouraging her to turn back around, sensing that whatever was bothering her was important. She wasn’t just going to let things slide anymore, she wasn’t not going to ask questions anymore because she was scared of the answer or of what the reaction to them might be. She’d kept her fears locked away inside, and her concerns to herself shutting Katie out of part of her life to disastrous affects. She wasn’t going to do that again, she didn’t think she could stand it if that happened again. No, she wasn’t going to allow that to happen again.

"I thought," Katie started fully crying now, "I swear that I thought it was you," she continued slumping against the wall. She hadn’t intended to say anything about what had happened with Sarah, she hadn’t wanted to think about it since it gave her the full body creeps, but she knew that she had to tell Jessie, her conscience wouldn’t let her not tell Jessie. It would be a lead ball chained to her leg, weighing her down for all eternity if she didn’t tell her, their reunion founded on a lie and their relationship tainted. If they were going to fix things, then they had to be honest, painful as it may have been she had to place her heart on her sleeve.

"I don’t understand," Jessie said wanting to do something to calm Katie, but not knowing how. In her dreams, this reunion had had a lot more kissing and a lot less tears.

"She came over. Sarah," Katie said trying to get a reign in on her emotions. "I was asleep, and I thought that she was you, I was thinking about you, and then it was like you were there, and I thought that it was you … and …" Katie continued, her babbling slowly trailing off when she realized that Jessie’s body had stiffened acutely as she spoke and that she didn’t seem to actually be breathing.

"Did you…" Jessie started to ask softly, her hand falling away from Katie’s shoulder and down to her side limply as all of her fears and nightmares came tumbling through her brain once more.

"No," Katie said quickly, wanting to reach out for Jessie but not knowing if the gesture would be appreciated. "God no," she continued vehemently shaking her head. "She kissed me that’s all, then I snapped out of it and kicked her the hell out. I was just so messed up," she continued her voice cracking with emotion. "It just took me a minute, I really thought it was you. I swear to God I thought it was you," she went on softly, her eyes lowering to the ground as her body started to shiver lightly.

Jessie watched Katie for a moment, torn between her own hurt at hearing Katie admit that she had kissed Sarah, and knowing without a doubt from Katie’s bearing that it had really been an accident and that she was probably beating herself up over it more than Jessie could ever hope to. She wanted to kill Sarah, she wanted to rip her limbs from her body and then beat her about the head with them and then maybe feed them to some wild alligators or something. She wanted to run out into the middle of the street and drop to her knees in an overly dramatic way screaming at the top of her lungs. She wanted to, she just wanted to do something to make these ugly feelings that had been brewing inside of her go away. She didn’t want to be in pain anymore, she didn’t want to be angry anymore. She just wanted Katie. She wanted Katie.

"It’s okay," Jessie replied a moment later sensing Katie start to pull away from her, no doubt agitated by her lengthy silence. "That wasn’t like on my top list of things to hear before graduation," she continued ruefully, shaking her head a bit before taking Katie’s hand into her own, "but it’s alright." And though her heart was filled with a myriad of emotions, from irrational jealously over what had happened, to an almost insane anger, righteous indignation for what Sarah had done to Katie, and extreme guilt that she’d played a part in allowing it to happen, the love she felt for Katie was stronger. And it washed over her, soothing her other emotions allowing her to breath, deeply and refreshingly for the first time in weeks.

Katie sighed with relief upon hearing Jessie’s words, believing them and letting them wash over her like holy water, absolving her of her sin. When Jessie hadn’t said anything for so long, she’d been about ready to bolt, ready to take her silence as the rightful condemnation of her actions. But she wasn’t a masochist and when Jessie offered her forgiveness, even though she doubted she actually deserved it, she took it. She reached out for it and clutched it to her chest until her knuckles were white, because she needed this; she needed Jessie, because the blonde was elemental. She made the flowers grow and birds sing.

So, finally she looked over at her girlfriend, really seeing her for the first time since the door opened. She gazed into those blue eyes that were watching her so carefully, lovingly, shinning with unshed tears and exuding concern, and she felt like she was home. She felt a peace deep within her that made her close her eyes and breathe in deeply to try and absorb the splendor of it all.

"You’re beautiful," Katie finally exhaled absolutely astounded by the magnificence that was Jessie.

"No I’m not," Jessie said glancing down at her ratty clothes, and knowing from previous days experience that her skin was probably blotchy and pale, and she probably had bags under eyes and looked like she hadn’t slept in days.

"You’re breathtaking," Katie said a warm smile spreading across her face.

Jessie smiled at the expression on Katie’s face and ducked her head down self-consciously not knowing how anyone could look at her with such adoration, but loving it at the same time. "If you keep this up, I’m never going to wear anything but track pants again," Jessie commented shyly looking up at Katie. She remembered this feeling, this excitement, it was happiness and she spelled it K-a-t-i -e.

"That’s fine," Katie replied thinking that Jessie would look ravishing in a burlap sack or large paper bag.

"Even if they’re the ones with the racing stripe down the side, and pictures of the Ninja Turtles on them?" Jessie asked playfully as she found herself unconsciously migrating towards the warmth of Katie’s body. She hadn’t even realized how much she’d missed the feeling of Katie’s arms wrapped around her until she was almost in them again.

Katie looked at her in mock horror upon hearing that and shook her head. "You’re right," she said. "We can’t have that. You look absolutely horrible! Street urchin is definitely not the look for you."

Jessie smiled throwing herself into Katie’s arms sighing as her girlfriend encased her in a tight embrace. "I’ve got some blonde jokes too," Katie mumbled into the top of Jessie’s head, inhaling the scent of her hair as Jessie snuggled in closer. "And I could force myself into talking about your momma," she continued smiling as she felt Jessie’s lips press against the skin of her neck. She sighed to herself contentedly, Hallmark had lied you absolutely didn’t need to say it like them.


Part 27


Manning House – Later that Week


Lily sighed as she walked in the front door, happy to finally be home after a long day. Then just as she finished hanging up her jacket, she heard a loud bang in the kitchen and looked over questioningly. Things were quiet for a moment, and then she heard another sound and pinched the bridge of her nose wondering what was going on before finally heading towards the source of the disturbance.

Lily stopped dead in her tracks as she got her first good look at the kitchen. It looked like bomb had gone off, causing everything that had been in the cupboards and fridge to explode outwards covering the kitchen in heaps of everything.

"We’re making dinner." Lily looked up, the sound of Jessie’s voice snapping her out of her haze. Following the sound of her voice she saw Jessie grinning at her, while Katie nodded along gamely beside her.

"It’s a bit more complicated that ‘BAM!’ though," Katie, added a moment later shaking her head thoughtfully, before looking over at Jessie, who promptly looked over at her, causing the two of them to look at each other for a few seconds before breaking out laughing.

"That’s nice," Lily, responded trying not to hyperventilate as she surveyed the damage and tried to ignore the giggling girls. "What’re you making?" she asked trying to accentuate the positive. Jessie was smiling, Katie was smiling, they were smiling, and smiling was definitely preferable to glaring and temper tantrums.



Jessie and Katie then turned to look at each other in surprise, staring hard at each other for a moment before turning back to Lily.

"Chicken pizza," they said simultaneously nodding at her as if to indicate that they had it all under control.

Lily smiled and wandered out of the kitchen wondering if Zoë still had her paper bag from lunch.


Part 28

Manning House – Three weeks later


Jessie watched from her peeping spot just inside the kitchen door, Katie shift around on the couch uncomfortably before finally coming to a stop upon which she dubiously looked over to her side where Rick was seated. "I really don’t know much about…" she started to say, trying to subtly worm her out of spending quality time with him, but before she could finish she was interrupted.

"That’s alright," Rick responded with a friendly smile. "Just think, this is the last time you’re going to be able to say that," he continued as the sportscasters began to speak and the golfers took to the green.

Katie slumped back against the back of the couch, resigned to an evening of bonding with Mr. Sammler. For weeks before she had Jessie had split he’d been trying to corner her and bond with her, and she’d managed to avoid him but he caught her this evening. Oh well, such was the price of love.


"You have to make him stop," Jessie said with authority marching up to Lily as she walked away from the door. Lily, Grace and Zoë were puttering around fixing dessert which was all well and good, but Lily really had more important things to be doing, like getting her dad to stop torturing her girlfriend.

"Stop what?" Lily asked looking over at Jessie, wondering what had the child so agitated this time.

"He’s trying to tell her about 5 irons," Jessie responded clutching at Lily’s arm. "She doesn’t care about 5 irons. NOBODY cares about 5 irons," she went on her arms waving wildly. "You have to make him stop," she finished pleadingly, doe like eyes gazing up at Lily imploringly.

"He’s trying to bond with her," Lily replied smiling down at Jessie. "He’s taking an interest. That’s sweet, isn’t it?" she asked wishing that her parents had tried to get along with the boys she’d dated, instead of merely threatening them and then peeping through the curtains to make sure no funny stuff was going on. What Rick was trying to do was much healthier.

"I think it’s sweet," Grace piped in from over by the sink simply because she knew it would piss Jessie off. Because despite their friendlier status, pissing off Jessie was still like one of the best ways to spend her quality time, especially if she could get the girl to gape. Her guppy face was just priceless.

"Me too," Zoë agreed for no other reason than the fact that when she agreed with Grace for no reason it bothered her sister immensely, and that was always good for at least five or ten minutes of entertainment.

Jessie responded by glaring at both of them for a good ten seconds – so that they realized that she was truly unimpressed with their improve routine – and then returned her attention to Lily intending to begin pleading again. However, her glaring had apparently given Grace enough time to find two more cents that she just simply had to share with them all.

"I mean it’s not like they can talk about clothes and make-up," Grace said smiling over at Jessie, crossing her mental fingers as she waited for the guppy face, her smile fading into a shrug when Jessie simply glared at her once more.

"Eli!" Jessie exclaimed happily, finally breaking eye contact with Grace and flinging herself at her brother when he walked in the door. "You’ve gotta take dad somewhere," she continued disentangling herself from around his neck. "Shot hoops with him or something. You’ve gotta get him out of the living room, Eli," she continued grasping his hand and attempting to drag him into the living room.

"He’s in there with Katie isn’t he?" Eli asked looking at the rest of the people assembled in the room, not budging despite Jessie’s best efforts. They all nodded. "Golf?" he asked. Once again, a series of solemn nods followed. "Poor girl," he replied. "I’ll be in my room."

"Eli!" Jessie whined.

"It’s his way," Eli responded turning around. "Jennifer had to watch Monday night football with him, and Carla got the XFL. This is what it means to be a Sammler and have a girlfriend. Deal with it," he continued a smile spreading across his face as he finished. He still found it highly amusing that Jessie was dating a girl, a hot girl, a hot older girl no less. Then he turned back around and continued merrily on his way.

Jessie glared at his back for a good twenty seconds, and then turned back around and glared at the rest of the occupants of the room for good measure, before finally returning to her peeping spot to see how things were progressing in the other room.


"So the lower your number is, the better," Rick said pointing to the spread at the bottom of the screen.

"Alright," Katie said in response, it was a simple enough concept to grasp. "But what’s with the buggies?"

"They’re not buggies," Rick replied looking over at the girl.

"They look like go-carts for senior citizens," Katie insisted meeting his gaze, interested in the conversation for the first time since she’d sat down. She wasn’t sure, but it looked like his eyes were twitching. It was kind of gross but also rather compelling.

"They’re golf carts. Not buggies, not go-carts. Golf carts. For golfing," Rick replied straightening his back authoritatively while trying to resist the urge to shake his finger at her to drive his point home.

"Alright," Katie agreed once more. "But what’s the point of them? I thought this was a sport," she continued sarcastically.

"It is a sport," Rick replied gaping at her, astonished that she would even imply that it wasn’t. It was lunacy, pure and simple. Jessie was obviously dating a head case.

"Not much of a sport," Katie mumbled leaning back against the back of the couch folding her arms across her chest. "Basketball’s a sport," she continued. "Tennis is a sport. Golf is like Sport’s drunk cousin that needs to be propped up to go to the bathroom," she finished.

"Golf," Rick responded, "requires a great deal of skill and precision," he continued defensively as he leaned back as well trying to seem relaxed, but not at all succeeding.

"So does model building," Katie replied absently. "It’s not a sport."

"Well model building isn’t on the sports network is it?" Rick asked pointedly nodding at the screen.

"They play Magnum P.I. on A&E and that can’t be considered either art or entertainment," Katie responded while silently cursing the eighties for its advocation of short-shorts for all.

"Golf is a sport," Rick replied somewhat militantly. He liked Magnum P.I.

"If you say so Mr. Sammler," Katie said conciliatorily. She hated it when old people got sulky. It was just sad.

"I do," he responded, still not pleased that she seemed to be humoring him instead of having actually seen the light.

"Alright," Katie said again, causing Rick to tense. He was beginning to dread the word ‘alright’ when it came out of this girl’s mouth. "What’s with the eunuch?

"Eunuch?" Rick asked, wondering if he had been right about her being on drugs.

"Yeah, you know the guy carrying the bag," Katie explained waving her hand in the general direction of the screen.

"They’re caddies, not eunuchs," Rick replied shooting her a disgruntled look. Katie smirked, so that’s where Jessie got it from.

"Not much of a difference from where I’m sitting," she replied.

"They’re a vital part of the game, invaluable to the golfers really," Rick tried to explain.

"Like the buggies?" Katie asked looking over at him. Rick sighed, he should have just let Zoë take her upstairs for a riveting game of Zoo Tycoon, he really should have.


Jessie smiled and turned to head back into the kitchen. She was actually beginning to feel somewhat sorry for her dad. He was obviously way out of his league.


Part 29

*Note this section is like all R-ish, for sexual content and whatnot so be warned.*

Karen’s House – A Lazy Mid-Summer Afternoon


"You’re quiet," Jessie said as they walked into her room. They had been hanging out at Booklovers torturing Judy and scamming free caffeine, but that had gotten boring – alright they’d gotten kicked out – so they’d been forced to find something more productive to do with their time. Which meant hanging out a Jessie’s house, and most likely watching Jenny Jones. Yes, summer vacation had arrived and it was good.

"I guess I am," Katie agreed a moment later after pausing to consider Jessie’s statement for a moment. "Hmmm. Apparently I am capable of being serious, every now and then," she continued unperturbed.

"What’s to be serious about?" Jessie asked hovering by her lamp debating whether or not to turn it on before finally deciding not to. There was enough light streaming into the room through the curtains that they could see each other, and she kind of liked the romantic mood the darkened surroundings created.

"I don’t know," Katie said turning towards her looking somewhat confused. "It just feels like a serious time I suppose. Not a bad serious," she continued calmly as Jessie moved towards her, looking at her keenly. "Just like an attitude of respect is required or something."

"That’s okay," Jessie breathed out softly, "I like serious on you," she continued raising her hand to stroke Katie’s check lightly. "You look so calm. It’s beautiful."

"Hmph," Katie exhaled softly, her lips curving up in a little smile as she tilted her head down slightly.

"Have I finally embarrassed you?" Jessie asked happily, a smile spreading across her features too as she looked at her girlfriend.

"Not embarrassed," Katie replied tilting her head back up to look at Jessie, her eyes sparkling.

"Then what?" Jessie asked softly as Katie continued to stare at her thoughtfully yet blissfully.

"More like astounded," Katie breathed out finally, her lips twitching slightly. "All the time, every time, whenever I’m around you," she continued now smiling as she regarded Jessie.

"Why?" Jessie asked unable to tear her eyes away from Katie’s starkly intimate gaze.

"Because I love you," Katie responded her eyes holding Jessie’s for a moment, and it was really as simple as that. "And that’s a very astounding thing."

Jessie regarded her for a minute after that, taking in the blissful look on her girlfriend’s flawless face, and smiled herself. Then slowly yet without hesitation leaned forward and brought her lips to Katie’s, pressing their bodies together as her hands came to rest on the side of her face. And then she ran her tongue along Katie’s lips tracing and tasting them, before moving to kiss her way along Katie’s jaw-line and then down to her neck where her tongue snuck out and licked a path up to lips that she never, ever wanted to stop kissing.

Katie watched as Jessie stepped back, her girlfriend’s hands falling to her waist and resting there as she watched her. "It’s quiet in here," she said softly, as if she had just suddenly become aware of the silence in the house.

"We’re the only ones here," Jessie replied still watching her, her hands slowly slipping underneath the material of Katie’s tank top, her thumbs brushing against the smooth, warm skin she found underneath, teasing it with soft, gentle strokes.

"I knew that," Katie replied, acutely aware of the feel of Jessie’s hands on her stomach but nonetheless keeping her eyes on her girlfriends face, studying her, instead of looking down. "I was just saying."

Jessie nodded absently, then began to push the material of Katie’s tank top up, leisurely, revealing more and more of her girlfriend’s skin, her eyes trained intently on the now exposed flesh.

"Can I?" she asked softly a moment later, her eyebrow quirking up slightly as she looked up at Katie. She had pushed the material up to the point where the only thing left to do was take the top off.

Katie regarded her for a second, then simply nodded before lifting up her arms to allow Jessie to pull the top up and off of her, leaving her standing there in only her bra and cream capri pants.

As she stood there she became highly aware of the rise and fall of her chest that accompanied her every breath, and she could sense Jessie’s eyes on her in the very marrow of her bones as the blonde stood there watching her breathe, raking her eyes over her. And, she was extremely aware of the way the air was caressing her skin and the pleasant chills it caused to ripple throughout her body.

And then Jessie’s lips were on hers once more, and her own hands enthusiastically trailed their way up Jessie’s sides, brushing across the front of her chest, before slipping around to her back and coming to rest on the blonde’s hips as they broke apart, their breathing ragged and uneven. She fingered the thin material of Jessie’s shirt meditatively, and then wrapped her arms around Jessie’s waist dragging the girl back into her. With that taken care of she then returned her lips Jessie’s, kissing her ardently as Jessie moved her hand to cover Katie’s drawing both of their hands under her shirt and upwards.

With Jessie’s hand over hers, keeping it firmly in place Katie brushed her thumb across the material of Jessie’s bra, her breath hitching in her throat as she saw Jessie’s mouth open and heard a soft moan escape from the blonde’s slightly parted lips. Swaying closer, intoxicated by Jessie, she rested her head against her girlfriend’s forehead and moved her thumb again, inhaling sharply as Jessie attached her lips to her neck, sucking and licking at the skin of her neck desperately as she pressed forward into Katie’s hand.

Pulling back slightly when Katie’s hand stilled, Jessie looked up at her, her eyes stormy but focused. "Come on," she said quietly, her fingers hooking into the tabs of Katie’s pants as she began to drag her towards the bed.


"You’re quiet," Jessie whispered her eyes focused on her finger as she trailed it down along Katie’s naked torso, carelessly drawing shapes on Katie’s damp skin as she listened to her girlfriend’s now rhythmic breathing.

"Uh," followed by a deep breath was Katie’s response. Jessie smiled and turned her head up to look at Katie’s face. She was staring at the ceiling, and hadn’t formed a full word in over five minutes.

Jessie shifted upwards, and rested her head on Katie’s shoulder, drawing the sheet up around them before draping her arm across her girlfriend’s body. There were no words to describe what she was feeling, she hadn’t even been aware previously that there were feelings comparable to what she was feeling. She felt so real, like she was aware of every atom in her body, every electron and proton and shooting about, like for the first time she was truly aware of her body, of herself. And at the same time she felt like she was in a dream, painted with watercolours that were dripping warmly around her covering her in their dreamy colours, like this world was too perfect to actually exist.

"Billie," Katie said softly, her voice bringing Jessie out of her reflections. "I think I’ve gone stupid," she continued, not sounding terribly concerned about it, as she felt Jessie shift to look up at her.

"What’re you talking about?" Jessie asked looking over at Katie as she blinked up at the ceiling.

"I can’t," Katie started. "My mind just won’t …work. It’s like when I broke my arm and the doctor put me on morphine only he gave me too much. I feel like that, only better. And…more tingly," she continued, highly and pleasantly aware of the feel of Jessie’s bare skin pressed against the side of her body and the excited feeling it caused inside of her.

"Are you saying I’m like a drug?" Jessie asked leaning over and pressing a chaste kiss to Katie’s cheek, completely in awe of Katie’s reaction to what they had just shared.

"No," Katie breathed out softly, looking up into Jessie’s eyes. "Drugs should like be totally jealous of you. There’s some Columbian cocaine huddled in the corner of a bathroom crying it’s eyes out right now," she continued, her eyes closing as a smile spread across her face.

"Shut up," Jessie mumbled in response before burying her head in the crook of Katie’s neck and drawing her arms around the other girl even tighter. "I love you," she continued feeling Katie kiss to top of her head.

"I love you too," Katie, replied her eyes drifting back to the ceiling dreamily. "I love you times infinity," she declared.

"I love you times infinity plus one," Jessie whispered softly kissing Katie’s collarbone.

"Dammit," Katie exclaimed, a smile spreading across her face. She always forgot about the plus one, Jessie always beat her with the plus one.

"You’re funny," Jessie mumbled, her hand tracing the side of Katie’s torso absently, marveling at the feel of her skin.

"You think so huh?" Katie replied looking down at the top of Jessie’s head. "You wanna know what’s really funny?"

"What?" Jessie asked knowing that Katie was going to say something completely stupid and that she was going to find it highly amusing anyway, cause that was just the way things worked.

"The Sandra Bernhard Experience," Katie replied. "Why’d they cancel that?"

"You know," Jessie replied, trying not to laugh. "I think I liked it better when you were speechless," she continued laying her head back down on Katie’s shoulder blissfully.


Part 30 - Epilogue


"Goodnight Tad," Katie said with a touch of exasperation as she removed her head from where he had been holding it under his arm. "And," she said rushing down the steps, trying to smooth her hair back down before he could grab her again, "as for the … ah, stain. Try baking soda," she continued grinning up at him before Jessie grasped her hand leading her away from the house before he could respond.

Despite the late hour it remained pleasantly warm outside as they made their way through the darkened streets towards the Singer residence, the faint voices of the other kids exiting Tad’s house the only sound around them as they walked the peaceful suburban streets.

"So," Katie started, her head tipping up to observe the stars above them. "What do you think is going to happen tomorrow?"

Jessie looked over at her, smiling softly before tilting her head up as well. "I have absolutely no idea," she breathed out, closing her eyes as a warm breeze rushed past her.

"I know one thing," Katie said dropping her gaze down and turning her head to look at Jessie. "We," she continued, halting her movement and spinning around so that she was standing just in front of Jessie. "Will be together," she went on softly, pirouetting Jessie and then wrapping her arms around her waist.

"Then I know something too," Jessie replied, smiling as Katie pressed a kiss into the crook of her neck, hugging them together in the process.

"What’s that?" Katie asked moving back beside Jessie so they could continue their walk.

"Tomorrow’s going to be a good day," Jessie replied glancing down at their joined hands before looking back up at the road ahead of them, a great smile settling across her features as she anxiously awaited dawn.

The End.


Well to steal a line from the Simpsons, that's the end of that chapter! Thanks for taking the ride with me, and I hope that you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it :) As always comments are ALWAYS greatly appreciated jbslayer27@yahoo.com

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