Sappo's Spell by Shyfox

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Sappho's Spell

Buffy was exercising when Willow came into their shared dorm room. She had music playing, full blare, and it was all the Wiccan could do to keep from walking back out. "Hey!" She called out, over the blaring of the CD player. "Can I turn this down?"

The Slayer, finally noticing her friend standing there, nodded her head as she continued her fighting moves. Willow noticed a package wrapped in brown paper on her bed and walked over to it. "Hey, what's this?" She asked, peering at it closely. She tried to make out the address written on it, but it was unreadably smudged.

"Don't know." Buffy grunted. "It came for you today." Sweat was pouring off of the Slayer's face and Willow tried not to notice how beautiful she was. Buffy wiped her face with the towel she kept handy for just an occasion, and went to sit on her bed. "Are you going to open it, or just look at it for the rest of the night?" She asked, impatient to see what it was. Her curiosity had been eating at her all through her work out, and now she couldn't wait for Willow to tear into the package.

Willow spared her best friend an appraising look, then smirked at her. "Dying of curiosity, aren't you?" She asked. She knew her friend so well.

"Will! Would you just open it?!" Buffy asked, exasperated. Though her excited smile took the sting out of her words.

Willow chuckled, then opened the package, finding a dusty old tome inside. "Oh!" She gasped, excitedly. "It's the spell book my friend said he was going to send me." The Wiccan couldn't wait to start shuffling through the pages, looking for interesting spells that she wanted to try.

"That's great, Will." Buffy said, smiling. Now that her curiosity was sated she could get back to her exercising. "Have fun." She murmured, knowing Willow probably wouldn't poke her head out of the book for a couple of hours at least.

"Uh huh." Willow muttered, already lost in reading the spells in the book. Buffy went over the closet door and started doing chin-ups on the frame. 'She gets so excited over those spells.' She thought, shaking her head and chuckling.

Meanwhile, Willow was turning the pages of the book, reading the names of the spells on each one when one of them caught her eye. It was titled, 'True Love's Touch.' and the witch that had written the spell had signed her name underneath the title along with a dedication. 'Sappho', Willow thought to herself. 'Now there's an unusual name.' She vaguely remembered a lesson in a history class she had taken about a poet in Ancient Greece with the name of Sappho, but she didn't remember all that had been said about her. She had been paying too much attention to Xander and Buffy, who had been goofing off that day because they were bored. But it struck her odd that a witch had the same name of the ancient poet, and it filled her with curiosity to see what the spell was about. But first she read the Dedication. Twice.

~To the Warrior and follower, may your threads never be cut.

Willow thought the Dedication was rather odd, and she didn't know what it meant, but it struck her curiosity, so she decided to read the spell to see if she could decipher the meaning behind the words. By the time she finished the page the spell was cast.

* * * * * *

"Buffy." The Slayer heard her name being called, while she was in the middle of pulling her chin over the door, and she paused confused. She didn't think Willow would be done reading so quickly, usually her redheaded friend would be lost for hours within the pages of a spell book. She turned her head a fraction of an inch to see if she could locate her friend out of the corner of her eye. Not being able to locate her, Buffy sighed and dropped to the floor, before she turned around to look at Willow. Her friend had the strangest look on her face, Buffy noticed, and it made her pause before her concern took over. "Hey, are you okay? You look a little..." She stopped, trying to find the right word to describe the way her best friend was looking at her.

"I'm fine." Willow said smiling, her eyes glowing dangerously. "Why do you ask?" She asked, as she inched closer to her friend, who was standing stock still beside the closet door.

Buffy gulped, and tried to fight down this irrational urge to run she was having. This was Willow. Her best friend. Not some hungry beast who was about to devour her. the moment, Willow did have a faint resemblance to a lion, a tiger, or a bear...oh my. Buffy backed up with each step that her friend advanced until she found herself against the wall, looking anxiously for any avenue of escape.

"What's wrong?" Willow asked, her eyebrows raising innocently, although her bright green eyes told a different story. "Is the big bad Slayer scared of itty, bitty, little me?" A wicked smile played around the corners of Willow's mouth as the amusement of stalking the Slayer played across her face.

Buffy gulped...hard. "Um, Of course not. I was just wondering what spell you must have been reading to work yourself up like this." She said, trying to find the reason behind her friend's strange behavior.

"I'm not worked up." Willow denied innocently, as she was a hair's breadth away from the Slayer. "Yet." The redhead whispered, before lunging forward and seizing control of Buffy's mouth with her own. Buffy whimpered as she found herself pushed back into the wall and her mouth being completely ravished by her best friend. She tried hard to protest, but it was pretty hard to speak with her best friend's tongue in her mouth. All she could make out were at first moans of surprise and protest which turned after a short while into unwilling moans of pleasure. She tried to control the animal attraction that was breaking down every door in her mind as it tried to get her to take matters into her own hands. She rationally tried to explain to the animal that this was her best friend whose lips were devouring and nibbling on hers, and whose hands were....never mind, don't go there, she warned her mind as her body felt exactly where Willow's hands were. Her friend obviously was under a spell of some kind and had no idea what she was doing. And if she let her desire get the better of her, she was sure she'd regret it in the morning. She was about to rationally and sanely restrain Willow, when Willow not so innocently tweaked one of her nipples while simultaneously rubbing her hip across the crotch of the slayer's shorts, and she nipped at the Slayer's ear.

"Oh God!" Buffy cried an urgent prayer as her animal broke free of it's cage and went roaring through her body, sending every fiber of her being into an instant rage of desire. "God." She got out again through gritted teeth, as she grabbed a hold of her friend's body and pulled her to her, feeling every inch of her body pressed tightly against her. "Will." Buffy breathed hotly, as she ran her hands up and down her friend's body, feeling every soft curve. Willow whimpered helplessly, as she felt Buffy taking over her role of control. She wanted her friend to take control of her. Needed it as if her life depended on it.

Buffy felt the urgency in her friend, and with negligent strength, picked her up and carried her to the nearby bed. She placed her on the bed, then looked down at her with glowing eyes, seeing the returning heat in Willow's gaze as Buffy quickly shed her shorts and T-shirt nearly tearing them in the process. She felt the appreciative stare as she shed her clothes, then returned the look when she removed Willow's shirt and skirt, as well as everything underneath. "You're so beautiful." Buffy breathed, staring at her friend's newly revealed body. Willow allowed her to look her fill, only starting to whimper when Buffy stood there too long.

Buffy saw the need in her friend's eyes, and climbed slowly onto the bed, settling her weight carefully on top of her friend. Her eyes closed at the blissful merging of soft skin, and she forgot to breathe for a second as she took the sensation in. She felt Willow's hands starting to wander across her back and opened her eyes to look into the desire filled green ones below her. "I love you." Buffy whispered, lowering her head to bring their lips together, the heat in their kiss nearly searing her nerve endings. She sank into the passion the kiss evoked, feeling Willow's hands everywhere. Taking the kiss downward, she spread kisses over Willow's chin and neck, then further down into the V of her throat, sucking and nibbling on the tender skin until it formed a satisfying mark.

Willow was mindless with passion, wriggling under the sensations that Buffy evoked with her mouth and hands. She wrapped her legs around the swaying Slayer's hips, anchoring herself to the passionate Slayer as she took them both for a ride.

Buffy could feel her temperature rising, her body changing as something strange and mysterious built up inside of her. Buffy had made love before, but it had never felt as all consuming and powerful as this did. The very feel of Willow underneath her took her to places she had never known, and sent her desire soaring to an all time high. She was about to go over the edge, when all of her nerve endings went into sudden shock as she was hit with what felt like a lightning bolt of pleasure, starting at the base of her spine and searing outward to every limb. "Willow!" Buffy screamed, as she felt the excess electricity swimming through her blood stream and electrifying every ion and particle. It dispersed throughout every part of her body, then gathered again in her center, building up slowly to full force. Buffy felt the pleasure build until she thought she would go insane from the sheer force of it. Until it finally exploded from her body, like a bullet from a gun, and entered Willow's by the merging of their thrusting hips. They both cried out at the sensation, Willow's eyes nearly rolling up into the top of her head at the intensity of the sensation. Like it had in Buffy's body, it dispersed into every region of her body, but unlike in the Slayer's body, it merged with every cell of the Wicca's being, before drawing all of it's energy into her center. Instead of building again, it stayed in place with a dull ache, until Buffy's thrusting body forced them both over the edge and it mingled with their converging essences. It quietly settled into the center of Willow's core as they both passed out from the mind blowing orgasm.

* * * * * *

Sunlight played across the bed, sneaking across two forms that lay very still, and very close. It slipped up one of their faces, to play across the person's freckled cheeks and nose coming to rest on their eyelids. Green eyes blinked open, the ray of sun making them appear dazzling in the early morning light if anyone had been awake to see them, and a hand brushed red hair out of her eyes. The sun played havoc on her senses, and she blinked away a wave of pain and dizziness. "Oh, my head." Willow groaned, shutting her eyes tight. If she had ever had a hangover she supposed this is how it would feel. Gradually, she became aware of things that were out of the usual order when she woke up in the morning. For one, the wall that she usually faced when she lay in bed was too close. She could feel that she was naked under the covers, she usually wore a nightgown to bed. And then, there was the little matter of the arm that was thrown around her side and the hand that was lightly resting on her chest. She had no idea who the arm belonged to, and no memory of how she wound up in bed with the person. The last thing she remembered was coming back to the dorm room after classes and finding the spell book. Everything after that was a total blank, though she suspected that things probably had gotten a little interesting after that, seeing as how she had ended up in bed with somebody.

She looked down at the hand on her chest, startled to notice that it looked kind of familiar. A vague picture of a person was starting to form in her mind when she heard the person moan in their sleep, and felt the person shift more tightly around her. The picture in her mind cleared up instantly into the face of her best friend, Buffy Summers. OhmygodwhathaveIdone? Willow had time to think to herself, before she heard Buffy murmuring again, starting to wake up. She forced herself not to panic as she felt the hand on her chest starting to move pulling her closer into a tighter embrace.

Buffy awoke gradually, her senses coming one at a time. At first all she could do was feel. She felt her nakedness pressed up against Willow's back, her arm draped around her side, gently resting on her soft skin. She felt soft tendrils of red hair brushing against her face where she had rested her head against the back of Willow's neck. Then she heard her friend's breaths going in and out, a comforting sound in the early morning hour. She smelled the fresh scent of Willow's shampoo, mixed with the subtle aroma of the love they had made. It brought back pleasant memories of last night, and a smile graced Buffy's lips before she opened her eyes, her arms tightening her hold on her new lover.

"Mmmm, morning." Buffy sighed, kissing the back of Willow's neck. Willow stared at the wall, her eyes wide, not knowing quite what to do. Obviously, her suspicions had been correct, but how did she go about telling Buffy that she had no memory of what happened last night?

Not receiving an answer, Buffy at first thought that Willow was asleep. But then she noticed that Willow's body was too tense to be asleep. "Will? Are you awake?" Buffy asked in a whisper, not wanting to wake her if her friend really was asleep. She heard Willow sigh deeply, but she didn't turn around and she seemed to get more tense if that were possible. "Are you Ok?" Buffy asked, a slight quiver of trepidation in her voice. She had a slew of bad morning after experiences. She really didn't want this morning to be another one. She hoped that Willow would be okay with what they had done last night, but the continued silence was making her worry.

Willow finally decided that she had to face Buffy. She couldn't be a coward and hide, not when she sounded so worried. Turning around in Buffy's arms, she gave her friend a hesitant smile. "Morning." Buffy smiled in relief when she saw the redhead smile at her. She gently traced a finger down Willow's cheek and smiled when her eyes closed instinctively, and she leaned her cheek into the touch.

"I guess we had quite a night last night, huh?" Willow asked, her smile flickering briefly as she searched her blank memory.

Buffy smiled. "Yeah. You could say that." She sighed, blissfully, kissing Willow's lips gently. "You were incredible." Buffy beamed.

"I was?" Willow asked, incredulously. Why couldn't she remember?! The most memorable night of her life and she couldn't remember. It was so unfair.

"The best." Buffy confirmed, kissing her again, longer this time. When she finally pulled back, Willow sighed unhappily. "I wish I could remember that." She whispered, then closed her eyes in dismay as the sentence registered to the Slayer.

"Y-you mean you don't?" The slayer stuttered. "Of course she doesn't. She was under a spell, you dope." Buffy started castigating herself.

"A spell?" Willow asked, both eyebrows shot into her hairline.

Buffy didn't notice Willow's question continuing to berate herself and fate. "Great, I finally get to make love to her and she doesn't even get to remember it." She muttered bitterly, sitting up and wrapping her arms around her knees.

"What spell?!" Willow asked, clearly confused. "A spell from the book?"

"Huh?" Buffy asked, clearly lost in her own world of misery. "Yeah, I guess. All I know is you were reading that spell book that you got yesterday while I was exercising. The next thing I know, you're coming onto me like there's no tomorrow. I tried to resist Will, I really did, but I've wanted you for so long, and you kept touching me, and I really thought that you would at least remember it." Buffy complained, going off on a tangent.

Finally, some of what Buffy said got past Willow's wondering about the spell and registered on her brain. "Wait a minute. Did you say that you finally got to make love to me? How long have you wanted me, Buffy?" Willow asked gently, staring intently into her friend's beautiful blue eyes.

Buffy looked at Willow for a long moment. Then she shrugged. What the heck, she had already done the worst possible thing she could think of to ruin their friendship and Willow was still here. Maybe she had a chance after all. "You remember that day at Sunnydale High when you were sitting on the bench and I came up to you and asked if you'd help me with my home work?"

Willow blinked. "Of course I do, Buffy, that was the first day we met. How could I forget? I kept trying to warn you away from the school nerd and....wait a minute. Are you saying you wanted me from the first day we met?!" She exclaimed, her eyes wide.

Buffy shrugged, half embarrassed. "Yup."

Willow shook her head in disbelief. "Well, why didn't you ever say anything?"

"Do the words, 'I'm so in love with Xander Harris, but he doesn't even know I'm alive except as a friend.' ring a bell?" Buffy asked, gently tweaking her friend. Willow nodded turning red from embarrassment. "Besides, I didn't want to scare you off by saying I wanted to jump your bones." She teased gently.

Willow laughed outright at that. Buffy giggled too, she loved to see her friend laugh. "Okay, I understand that. But what about after that?"

"Well, there was always one thing or another coming between us...and I didn't want to lose your friendship. I've never had a friend as a good as you, Will. I always want you in my life." Buffy said quietly.

Willow sobered at that. She gently took Buffy's hand in hers, intertwining their fingers together. "I will always be here, Buffy." She tugged her friend down into a hug and they lay there quietly for a few minutes. "You know...there's just one thing that I regret." Willow said finally.

"What's that?" Buffy asked, cautiously.

"I wish I remembered last night. I bet it was great." Willow said, shyly, a little embarrassed at her boldness.

"It was better than great." Buffy confirmed, staring into Willow's bright green eyes. A germ of an idea started in the back of her mind, causing Buffy to smile a little. "You know, I can't make you remember last night. But there's nothing that says I can't try to recreate it for you." Buffy smiled.

Willow's smile transformed slowly from embarrassed to passionate. "Do you want to?"

Buffy looked Willow's body up and down, recalling it all from memory. "Oh yeah, I definitely want to." Buffy said, her voice husky with passion. Willow shivered at the tone, a thrill of passion kindling inside her, as Buffy leaned down and showed her just how much she wanted to.

The End(till next time)

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