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Secret Smile by trancer

Title: Secret Smile
Author: trancer, michkidd@earthlink.net
Rating: R for naughty bits between Helena and Barbara.
Pairing: Barbara/Helena
Category: Established Relationship / Romance / PWP
Summary: Helena and Barbara have some time alone.
WARNINGS: The standards, f/f stuff, sex between two women of the same sex.
Disclaimers: "Birds of Prey" and characters are copywritten by Miller/Tobin Productions, Warner Brothers, DC comics et al. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.


Birds of Prey – Secret Smile

Warm afternoon light spilled into the Clock Tower. A serene hush fell across the complex, except for the soft grinding of clock gears and the general hum of various machines. Barbara lay on her stomach, torso propped up on her elbows busily looking over the day's crossword puzzle. It was a time killer while she went through physical therapy.

Helena knew Barbara hated this part of her PT. The endless massages to help maintain the circulation in her legs. Figured what was the point of a massage if she couldn't feel it? Helena didn't mind. If anyone ever asked, she'd say it was the part she enjoyed the most. Next to the sex, of course. She didn't need
an excuse to be with Barbara, she already was. But this was their time, when they could put the world on pause and just be Helena and Babs.

"What's a twelve letter word for 'aggressively boisterous'?"

Helena paused for a moment, leaning over Barbara's ear.


Barbara scribbled the word down on the crossword puzzle, smiling as the words fit perfectly. "I'm impressed."

"I have my moments."

"True, they're few and far between but you do have your moments." Barbara received a poke in the ribs for her comment. Helena returned to her task, grazing her hands up and down the smooth thighs.

"Am I boring you?" Helena asked.

"I wouldn't say bored," Barbara shrugged. "Just would rather be doing something else."

"Something else?" Helena leaned in, nuzzled her nose against Barbara's neck.

"Not that." Barbara smiled.

"Why not?"

"Because, the longer you delay this, the longer I have to put aside other things."

"Like sex?"


"Okay," She smiled. "Have it your way."

"Thank you." Barbara glanced over her shoulder, flashing a smile. "I'll make it up to you later."

"You better." Helena couldn't help the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She grabbed the bottle sitting close by, pouring a healthy dollop on her hands. She went back to her task of massaging Barbara's legs. Starting with the left calf, she gently but firmly made a circular motion with her thumbs. Barbara had great legs. She'd lost very little muscle mass since the accident. Her legs were lithe, smooth, muscular. They felt like Barbara.

She'd mapped every inch of Barbara's body with fingers, lips and tongue. Knew every spot, all of her 'spots’. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like if Barbara did get her legs back. Not because she thought of the woman as incomplete. More for experience of mapping new territory. She loved adoring Barbara’s body. The thought of something new to learn about the woman, to discover some undiscovered territory to make her moan, was too good a daydream to pass.

Helena slid her hands higher, repeating the process on Barbara's thigh.

"Nine letter word for shedding. Starts with a D."

"Deciduous. Are you having a hard time concentrating?" Her hands drifted higher, under the hem of Barbara's shorts.

"No, but you are."

"Really? How would you know?"

"Seven years and I'm quite familiar with your modus operandi."

"Is that all about me you're familiar with?"

"God, is there anything you can't turn into an entendre?"

"Nope. Now lay down, I wanna do you. At least your back."

"Very funny." Barbara pushed the crossword puzzle away, folding her arms together and laid her head on them. "Just behave."

"Fine." She giggled, both knowing she wouldn't. She slid her hands up Barbara's back. Felt the shiver as Barbara felt her touch. "You're tense."

"I have a lot on my mind."


"You, me, us."

"Really?" Helena purred. Her hands drifted upwards, fingers sliding over, grazing over the sides of Barbara’s back until she caressed Barbara's breasts.

"Helena." Barbara sighed softly, half out of desire, half out of exasperation. It's not that she didn't want to have sex. There was just too much going on in her head, too much to sort out.

Helena felt Barbara's resistance. Pushed on anyway. She leaned in close, kissed Barbara's neck. "Do you know how much you saying my name turns me on?"

"Helena." Barbara stated a little more firmly. Helena could be a bit persuasive at times. Charm oozed out of her pores with ease. Something that came directly from being the child of Selina and Bruce. The seductive charisma of Selina, the commanding presence of Bruce, two dominant personalities with a certain magnetism that couldn't be denied. With Helena, it had multiplied by ten. It pulled Barbara towards her with a force she couldn’t deny.

Barbara turned, rolled on to her back. Didn't stop the lips pressing against her. They pulled apart. Barbara placed her hand on Helena's face, traced the delicate features she'd fallen in love with.

"Tell me something about you. Something I don't know."

"We've known each other for eight years, I think you know everything there is about me." Helena stared at Barbara. Noted the soft look in her eyes, a quiet desperation. Barbara could be so serious sometimes. "Okay. Something you don't know. How about the moment I fell in love with you?"

The thought lit up Barbara’s face with a half puzzled expression.

"I don't know if I've always been in love with you, or if it was that moment I realized you felt the same way for me. And it's not when you think. Remember when you dragged me to that benefit social a couple years ago?"

"God, you were so miserable."

"Yes, I was and still haven't forgiven you for dragging me kicking and screaming." Helena wrinkled her nose at the whole thing. "There I was in a dress that itched like crazy, people I didn't like or wanted to be around, feeling completely and absolutely miserable. You were all the way across the room from me, surrounded by all these people. And then.."

"And then?"

"Then, you smiled at me. I realized it wasn't a normal smile, like what you give to your father, or your students, or that guy who makes latte's just the way you like it. I realized you only smile like that just for me. It was at that moment, the rest of the world just disappeared because you gave me your secret smile, something no one else in the world has. And I wanted to spend the rest of my life making you smile for me."

"Thank you." She planted a soft kiss on Helena’s lips. Inhaled soft warm breath into her mouth. The kind of soft kisses she could never get enough of.

"I just want you to feel what I feel."

"Like what you're feeling right now?" Barbara cocked an eyebrow towards the hand between her legs.

"I thought you didn't feel anything there." Helena asked without irony. She knew Barbara could be closed-lipped when it came to her paralysis but if she was actually improving.

"I can't, except when you touch me." Barbara said with the certain smile that caused Helena's heart to squeeze. The feelings came as they always did, in a rush, fast and hot. They overrode her conscious, until the only thought she had was to kiss. And Helena did, kissed Barbara with a hunger laced passion that left them both breathless.

Helena didn't stop, couldn't stop if she wanted to. She dove into Barbara's neck, right towards the spot that always made the redhead purr.

Barbara moaned, bent her neck, offering herself to Helena. Her fingers threaded into dark hair, clenched the locks in a way that made Helena moan and Barbara shudder. She wanted it. They both wanted it. The passion seemed to erupt between them. Soft kisses and gentle strokes turned to something stronger, faster, urgent.

Helena descended. Knew where to touch, how to touch. Barbara was a drug. Something Helena could never get enough of. Connected with something primal and raw within her. Her hands gripped Barbara’s tee, the temptation to rip it from her body filling her brain. She settled for pushing the material up, until it exposed her target. She dove onto Barbara’s breasts. Sucked an already erect nipple into her mouth. Tweaked it with her teeth until Barbara gasped. Her hand repeated the motion with Barbara’s other breast.

Barbara gasped in amazement. She didn’t know how Helena did it, found those sensitive parts of her body. Knew just how to touch her. Sure, there’d been experimentation in the beginning. Tentative, sometimes clumsy, fumblings between them as they explored the other's flesh. Helena just seemed more attuned to her body. Eager to learn, explored with an almost reverent zealotry.

Helena pulled on the tiny nub in her mouth, teased with tongue and teeth. Until it slipped from her mouth with a wet pop. She glanced up at Barbara. The woman’s head tilted back, eyes closed, her mouth partly open. She’d tried to tell Barbara once how it made her feel to see the redhead like this. What it did to her insides, seared them. She stopped after the first couple of words. It’s not that she didn’t know the language. Helena just couldn’t articulate HOW Barbara made her feel. Decided to spend an eternity showing her.

She circled her tongue around the flushed areola. Danced across the flesh, a series of goose pimples and another moan rewarded her effort. Her previous experiments with Barbara’s flesh had paid off. Now, she had an entire arsenal of techniques to use. Lightly, teeth nibbled on the delicate flesh of Barbara’s breast, suckled and teased. She blazed a trail lower.

Barbara felt as if her nerve endings were on fire. Everything seemed intense. Helena’s hands roamed her body. She balanced her touch between feather light caresses and the scraping of her fingernails hard enough to leave angry welts. It was nothing compared to her mouth. If there wasn’t one, there was always the other. Hand, mouth, skin. She tried concentrating on just one thing, but found she couldn’t. One hand would be on her breast, the other caressing her stomach, and a mouth suckling on her neck. All alternating in symphony to where it felt like no part of her body remained untouched. Soft, fast, slow, hard, biting, licking, touching, caressing. It all felt like too much and not enough at the same time.

"Helena." Barbara gasped, felt a purr moaned into her flesh.

A shiver ran down Helena’s spine. She loved hearing her name on Barbara’s lips. Especially in ‘that’ tone. The achingly desperate need. A need for Helena. No one could call to her in such a manner. Make her tremble with want. Her body feverish with desire. She needed to pleasure Barbara. Beckoned by the sound of her voice. She pulled herself up Barbara’s body, pinned the woman’s hands with her own, body pressed against the length of Barbara’s. She wanted to feel every inch of skin against her own.

Mouths open, pressed against each. Tongues danced, dueled, tasted, submitted and dominated. Helena pulled them apart. Smiled from the panted whimper passed over Barbara’s lips. She moved to Barbara’s chin, traced her jaw with lips and tongue. Suckled on an ear lobe, body still pressed against Barbara’s, grinding against her.

Helena purred, whispered into Barbara’s ear. "I’m going to make you come." Grinned at the excited gasp breathed into her ear. She lifted slightly. Barbara’s eyes were closed. "Look at me." Her voice was rough, low. "Barbara."

Eyes, glazed with desire, opened slightly. "Watch me."

Barbara tilted her head up slightly. Their eyes locked. Helena descended her frame. She watched, felt, as tongue and teeth mapped her flesh. Hands on her breasts, she watched Helena move lower. Blue eyes glued to hers, watching for every moan, every sigh that passed over her lips. The playful smile as she dipped her tongue into Barbara’s navel.

It wasn’t like before. Hell, nothing was like before. But, somehow, the sex was better. She never thought of her navel as an erogenous zone. Helena did. She lavished the tiny indent with her tongue, lapped and licked. The sensation was incredible. Not like before, different, but good. Very good. Especially combined with the incredible things she was doing to her breasts.

Her body tingled. Flesh flushed, drenched in sweat. Her body seemed to hum. She wanted more, to feel the heat between her legs. Could imagine what once was.

"Helena," Barbara gasped. "Please, inside me."

Blue eyes darkened and sparkled. Blazed with heat. Helena never considered herself an exhibitionist, but she loved being watched by Barbara. She licked her fingers, a move that always made Barbara groan. As if she were seeing something she weren’t supposed to, wasn’t supposed to be turned on by. Helena moved her hand lower, gently slid her wet finger into Barbara.

With Helena it always seemed real, the phantom sensations became more than imaginings of her fevered imagination. Helena’s mouth returned to her stomach. Something clenched tight within her, coiled and twisted the tension building, higher and higher. Faster. Barbara could watch no more. Her eyes clamped shut, body exploded. Twitched and shuddered. Collapsed onto the bed in sheer and complete exhaustion.

Helena ascended Barbara’s body in a series of butterfly kisses, just in case she missed anything on the way down. She stared down at the redhead. Barbara’s eyes closed, a wistful expression on her face.

"What are you thinking?"

"A ten letter word for expressing or creating a desire for sexual activity."

Helena grinned, taking a playful nip from Barbara’s ear. "Lascivious."

"That you are. And to think all it cost me was a smile." Her hands roamed across Helena’s back, slid under the waistband of her sweatpants. "Now, it’s time to make you smile."

"But Barbara, don’t you have, you know, other things to do? Other things more important than sex?"

"Helena, shut up and get naked."

"Yes ma’am." Helena yanked off her shirt. Barbara smiled her secret smile. Helena didn’t think her heart could melt anymore, but it did. And she melted with it, into Barbara, willing to do and say anything to return what Barbara had given her. And, she mused, Barbara was right. All it had cost her was a smile. Which was just fine with her.

The End

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