Back and Forth by T. Novan
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The piece focuses on Xena and there’s no sex (Sorry! Get a grip people! Next time, I promise!). It is a sappy, mushy one. The relationship between Xena and Gabrielle is unmistakable however, so if it makes you uncomfortable, or is illegal where you live, please just find something else to read. There’s lots of good stuff out there!

I dreamt this one and knew I had to write it. It was a gift from the Gods. For feedback

Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

How could she possibly tell her how she had been feeling? ‘She’ll leave when I tell her I’m in love with her, she’ll leave’. That was Xena’s biggest fear. That this beautiful little bard wouldn’t be able to take this shock and she would go her own way.


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

The warrior wondered exactly how she would find the words. Never being good with them, they scared the life out of her. They had gotten through the ‘I love you’ thing all right. The warrior had even been amazed to find that her sweet, innocent little bard had been harboring the same feelings. From there their love for each other had grown more intense and more passionate with each day that followed. Now the warrior wanted to move on to the next logical step. She wanted to bond for life with this woman who had made such a difference in her life, the woman who had indeed saved her from spending eternity in Tartarus. Now all she had to do was find the perfect words to make her intentions known.


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

Ephiny watched with great amusement as her friend paced.

"Nervous?" The Regent asked with a smile.

The warrior looked up. A little shaky, a little nauseous, and not at all amused that all she could do was nod her head yes.

"You shouldn’t be. You’ve been waiting for this day for so long. Soon you will be the consort to the Amazon Queen and hearts will break all over the Amazon Nation."

"Why?" The warrior asked and continued pacing , while pulling on bonding attire that felt as if it were choking the life out of her.

"Come on. The two most desired women in the nation are bonding with each other. There will be women flinging themselves into volcano’s tonight."

Xena smiled weakly and continued, back and forth.


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

Xena could hear the boards of the porch creak under her heavy footsteps. Toris just leaned against a post and smiled at his sister. ‘Some warrior’, he thought as he watched her.

"Would you relax? Everything will be fine. Mother has done this sort of thing a thousand times before."

"I just wish I knew how things were going."

"You have to believe everything is fine. If it weren’t, mother would have been out by now."

"How much longer…" The warrior muttered as she paced.

"Babies get here when they get here. Relax."


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

This time with a little, three-year-old, blonde haired, blue eyed, shadow tracing the same path. The warrior turned, smiled at the first born and scooped her up in her arms.

"Aunt Ephiny says the new baby will be born soon, my little princess. What do you think of that?" The warrior asked with a huge grin.

"BABY!" Came the reply from the little one that was so much like the mother who had born her.

"What should we name the new baby?" The warrior asked giving little Cyrene a hug and then began tickling the little girl.

"Baby!" The little girl managed to get out through the giggles that erupted from her.

"Your momma and I thought Ephiny would be nice. Do you want to name the baby after Aunt Ephiny?"

"Yes." Cyrene said still giggling.

"Ephiny it is then."

With their daughter in her arms the warrior continued, back and forth.


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

Today their daughters would become the rightful heirs and warriors in the amazon nation. The warrior looked deeply into the golden green eyes of the woman she had loved so very much for so many seasons.

Gabrielle smiled tenderly and laid a gentle hand on her warrior’s cheek. "It’s charming and endearing to see you so nervous."

"I’m glad you’re amused."

"I never used the word amused warrior. I said charming and endearing. You’ve practically worn a hole in the floor with all your pacing."

"Hurumph." Was the only reply as the warrior continued, back and forth

Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

The young amazon woman approached the warrior slowly and with the greatest respect possible.

Although it was slightly against tradition, Xena and Gabrielle had decided when it was time for their own daughters to bond, it would be Xena the prospective suitors would have to deal with first.

The warrior stopped, paused and slowly turned to the young woman. She raised an eyebrow that simply stated, ‘Well?’

The young warrior straightened to her full height, almost as tall as the warrior herself. She looked boldly into the blue eyes and stated, "I am Tulara, daughter of Regent Ephiny. I am here to offer myself as suitor to the Princess Cyrene."

"You believe yourself worthy of my daughter?"

Without hesitation, "I do."

"Go inside and speak your intentions to my daughter and to the Queen."

The young amazon carefully slipped past the warrior and into the royal hut. The warrior returned to her norm, back and forth.


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

They traveled the path together, the warrior and the Queen. Gabrielle had her arm looped through Xena’s as they waited for word.

Gabrielle looked into her warrior’s blue eyes. The seasons that had past were starting to fade them, but they still captivated her very soul. "It’s hard to believe. Both Cyrene and Ephiny bonded now, and our first grandchild…" She trailed off, tears forming in her eyes. "We’ve been truly blessed."

Xena cupped her bond mate’s face and kissed her gently and whispered in her ear, "I always have been. From the first day I laid eyes on you."

They traveled the path together, back and forth.


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

Cyrene and Ephiny watched their mother continue as she had done for hours. Even the playful giggling of four granddaughters’ couldn’t seem to bring her any pleasure. They watched, as she would pause only long enough to stare at the door of the hut. Waiting for word from the healer.

When the door finally opened the healer motioned for her to come in. She sprinted inside and the door was closed behind her. Cyrene and Ephiny just looked at each other and took comfort from their own mates.

After about a candle mark, the door opened. The warrior stepped out, drew a deep breath and motioned for her daughter’s. Cyrene and Ephiny moved to their mother.

There were tears in her blue eyes, "Go say your good-byes to your mother. Her time is at hand."

Cyrene and Ephiny entered the hut. The warrior returned to what she knew so well, back and forth.


Back and forth, about six paces in each direction, back and forth.

She looked around the hut. So many things they had gathered together over the seasons. Argo’s blanket hung on the wall. Over it, a badly scarred battle sword and chakram. Next to them the staff that had always served so well. Scrolls everywhere. ‘Always writing, even until the very end’ thought the warrior.

Grown children and four grandchildren. She never thought any of these pleasures would have been possible for her. Then came the little bard from Poteidaia who had given her every pleasure possible.

They had been apart for a season now and the warrior was tired. She simply wanted to see her bard again. Wanted to hold her in her arms. Wanted to hear her breathing next to her as they slept.

The emptiness was unbearable. Her heart, shattered the day the bard had died, and she had never really recovered.

"Warrior?" The voice was faint, but unmistakable.

"Gabrielle?" She looked around the room to find the source of the voice.

Standing by the fireplace was her bard, young, strong and healthy. Leaning on her staff with a smile. The way she had been so many seasons ago in Poteidaia. The bard extended a hand, "Walk with me my warrior. The Elysian Fields await."

There was no back and forth now it was only about six paces in one direction.


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