Author's Note: This one requires a brief explanation: As suggested by the title, it's a takeoff on Aristophenes' play "Lysistrata," in which Greek women got their way by refusing to sleep with their men.


"She just won't agree." Gabrielle shrugged and took another sip of water. "She's oversensitive about this guy. The last time we went there, we -- well, I -- had a little trouble with him. And ten of his guards." She waved her hand dismissively. "That's not important. Anyway, now she won't take me with her to his castle. I've talked to her about it, but she won't budge." She sighed. "I guess I'm stuck with it."

The two women behind the counter looked at each other. Could the child be that naive?

"Honey, have you tried withholding your favors?"

"My favors?" Gabrielle's eyes widened as their meaning sank in. "You mean . . . ." She thought about it a moment. "Isn't that kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face?" The women stared blankly at her. "I mean, don't you want…." The perplexed looks were still there. "Nevermind."

The elder of the sisters-in-law wagged her finger. "You try it, young woman. You'll see. There's nothing that'll change a man's mind faster."

"Xena's not a man."

"They're all the same, honey."

Gabrielle frowned. She wasn't so sure about this. Then again, she didn't want to be stuck in this village for a whole week, especially in the midst of yet another weavers' festival. This was the third festival in as many weeks, and she'd had more than her fill of it. If she had to weave one more thing, it would be a noose.

She looked up at her advisers, and nodded. "OK."

* * * * *

She kept her clothes on when she went to bed, making some excuse about being cold. Xena hadn't said anything yet, but Gabrielle was ready for action when she did. Well, for inaction. She watched as Xena stripped off her metal armor, then her leathers, then stood before the fireplace in her close-fitting white shift.

Gabrielle caught her bottom lip between her teeth. Xena knew that she liked to see her in that shift, liked to slide her hands beneath the cloth and squeeze those succulent . . . . The bard pressed her lips together grimly. So Xena was going to play hardball.

She tore her eyes away from her lover's mesmerizing physique and lay on her back. No, that wasn't a good idea. Xena would snuggle up next to her, sliding her knee between Gabrielle's thighs. She would kiss her upper arm, her shoulder, her neck, flicking her tongue inside her ear, working her way gradually to Gabrielle's mouth. Xena's hand would smooth over her abdomen and up to her breasts while Xena's tongue slid against hers, sensuous noises emanating from the warrior's throat. Finally, when Gabrielle was gasping with anticipation, Xena's hand would slip under her skirt . . . .

Gabrielle rolled over onto her stomach. As she thought about it, she realized this strategy wouldn't work either. Xena was just too devious. The warrior would press the length of her body against Gabrielle's, breasts pressing tantalizingly into her back. As Gabrielle squirmed beneath her, Xena would fondle the bard's hips through the fabric of her skirt. Eventually, Xena would raise the brown cloth and ease her underwear down, clasping the pale flesh beneath firmly with both hands. She would bring her lips down, then guide her fingers to Gabrielle's desire . . . .

Gabrielle turned onto her side. Damn. She wouldn't be safe from the warrior's heated caresses in this position either. She could just see Xena nestling up behind her, molding their bodies into each other. Xena would bury her face in Gabrielle's hair and slide an arm around her waist. "I love you," she would whisper, and bring her hand up to Gabrielle's breast. Xena's skillful fingers would unlace her tunic and massage her breasts, drifting her palm again and again over the sensitive flesh. Finally, she would move Gabrielle onto her back, and Xena's tongue would glide across her nipples . . . .

The Warrior Princess slipped into bed beside her lover. It looked as though Gabrielle was asleep. Too bad; Xena was kind of in the mood to hear one of the bard's poems. Suddenly she heard a growl, and the younger woman was on top of her.

"I can't take it any more," Gabrielle rasped, forcing her mouth onto Xena's.

The warrior's eyes widened. She didn't know what Gabrielle couldn't take any more, but it was fine with her.

Gabrielle reached down and yanked her underwear off, lowering herself onto Xena's thigh. Xena's muscles tightened reflexively at the unexpected wetness on her skin. Gabrielle was drenched.

"Pull your shift down," the blonde panted, barely able to speak from the exquisite friction of Xena's thigh.

Xena obeyed, slowly drawing the white material down over her breasts. She ran her hands across the generous mounds, pressing them together, offering them to her lover.

Gabrielle groaned and shut her eyes tightly, the image of Xena's breasts burned into her eyelids. Within seconds, her body jerked forward and she cried out, nearly screaming at the lightning sensations of her release. Finally, she fell back onto the blanket, spent.

She lay quietly for a few minutes as she caught her breath. "I knew it wouldn't work," she muttered.



"Gabrielle." Xena's fingers twined in shoulder-length blonde hair. "I'm not complaining by any means, but where'd that come from?"

An idea began to take shape in Gabrielle's brain, and a moment later she rolled against Xena and pressed her body into the warrior's. She trailed her fingers down Xena's leg, enjoying her lover's shudder. "You want to know what I was thinking about?"

Xena nodded fervently, eyes half closed, her breaths growing shorter.

Gabrielle wriggled against her, and slowly stroked the inside of Xena's thigh. "I was thinking about how much I liked it last time you took me to Arion's."

"Gabrielle, he tried to sell you to slavers."

"I know, but when you rescued me, you were . . . magnificent," she breathed. She ran her tongue across the sensitive area on Xena's throat. "I like to see you stand up to slavers" -- she planted another kiss on Xena's neck -- "and warlords" -- another kiss -- "and corrupt kings. You're so . . . powerful . . . when you do it." She moaned into Xena's ear. ". . . so exciting."

Xena closed her eyes; every adjective was an erotic experience. "I really like it," Gabrielle said, lowering her mouth to Xena's breast, grinding damp blond curls against Xena's thigh.

Before Gabrielle knew what had happened, Xena had stripped off her own underwear, flattened Gabrielle onto her back, and straddled the bard's shoulders. Green eyes blinked in surprise, but instinct quickly took over and Gabrielle delved into her lover. "Magnificent," she whispered again.

* * *

Gabrielle slid some dinars across to the proprietress and her in-law. "Here's for last night's dinner. We're heading out now."

Both women leaned their elbows on the counter. "She taking you with her?"

Gabrielle nodded, blushing when the elder woman winked at her.

"Taught her a lesson, I see."

"Uh, yeah." Twice, Gabrielle added mentally.

"See, girl, the power of the flesh." The trio turned to watch as Xena descended the stairs, humming. "Hmm. Puts up a good front, doesn't she?"

"Very good," Gabrielle agreed. She laid her hands over her new friends'. "I want to thank you for your advice," she said. "Thinking about it gave me the mindset to do what needed to be done."

She turned to go, but the innkeeper tapped on her hand with an index finger. "Don't forget, girl, you've got to reward good behavior. So, tonight . . . ." She jerked her head subtly in Xena's direction.

"Right. Got it." Gabrielle patted her co-conspirator's hand. "She'll think she's found the Sumerian treasure."

The women nodded approvingly, and Gabrielle walked over to join her companion at the entrance. Xena circled her waist. "So, did you learn any new tricks?"

Gabrielle glanced up at her. "What do you mean?"

"For your weaving," Xena said. "Isn't that what they were bending your ear about yesterday afternoon?"

"Oh. Yeah. Well, they did suggest something I hadn't thought of."

"Did you try it?"

"Sort of," Gabrielle said, "but it was too difficult. So I adapted it, and got the same result a lot easier."

Xena beamed at her. "You must have a knack for it. Why don't you show me tonight what you came up with?"

Gabrielle grinned to herself. "Oh, I will."




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