Beyond Sex by Della Street

Oh, Xena, this is the happiest moment of my life." Gabrielle clasped the warrior's hand tightly within her palms. "I've known for so long that I loved you, I just . . . ." She shook her head at the realization of what she had just said, at what they had both said. "Wow." She almost seemed surprised. "I love you."

Xena smiled, and brought Gabrielle's hand to her lips. "I'm glad we've finally admitted it to ourselves. I just wish it hadn't taken another near-death experience."

The bard's face clouded over at the recent memory. "Are you sure you're all right? That was an incredible fight--eighteen of them at once."

Xena stirred. "Yeah, that was kind of a rousing little skirmish." The blue in her eyes deepened. "It's really nice that we can express our feelings for each other now."

Gabrielle rose from her knees and paced around the camp excitedly. "I am in love with Xena, the Warrior Princess!" she shouted.

"And I am in love with Gabrielle, the Amazon Bard," Xena finished, with a little less volume. Her eyes ran down Gabrielle's trim figure. "Now,--"

"You know, Xena, we are so lucky," Gabrielle gushed. "We realized the nature of our love before we ruined it with sex."

Xena blinked. "What?"

The bard sighed. "It's so romantic. Our friendship knows no bounds. Its depth cannot be measured. It's beyond sex."


Gabrielle rolled her eyes. "I heard all about it while I was at the Amazons. So many women who are in love waste their time caressing each other . . . kissing . . . ."

Xena wiped her forehead with the back of a hand.

". . . .fondling each other's breasts, and doing all sorts of things with their tongues . . . ."

Xena bit down on a clenched knuckle.

". . . moaning, and gasping . . . ."

Xena's eyes rolled backward in her head.

". . . biting and clawing . . . "

Xena rose to her feet, and brought her fingers to the clasps on her armor.

"I mean, can you imagine how cheapened our relationship would be if I ran around screaming, 'Take me, Xena! Take me!'"

Gabrielle turned around to seek confirmation from her friend, only to discover Xena standing before her without a stitch of clothing on.

"What were you saying, Gabrielle?"

"Hm? Oh, nothing." Gabrielle leapt on the warrior and dragged her to the bedroll.


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