The Sea Cave

Poem by Katrina: 

Some things just take over.
It's the passion of the moment,
the thrill of the scare.
Even with the waves pounding so close,
it was her heart she heard the loudest.

She wasn't sure what drove her to take the plunge.
She'd learned to be daring,
but this was an entirely different issue than bandits in the road.
This was the woman she travelled the world with,
her companion.

Still, between the sound of the surf,
the warmth of the fire,
and those beautiful eyes,
she was left very little in the way of options.
Surrender or . . .die. . .
slow little deaths for each time
she chose to ignore the way her soul thrilled at the sight of the woman.

So their mouths touched and they backed away
and stared into each other's eyes. . .
for the umpteenth time.
Yes, this was life and much more potent than anything she'd dreamed.
This was love, and she wanted it more than anything.
Then, responding to desire returned,
(something she'd never dared hope for)
she was pressing forward again,
embracing and touching and being claimed.

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