Harem Nights
(the sequel)
by Pink Rabbit Productions

Digital Sketch

The last time I was in a sketching mood (well, Stargate oriented anyway), I did a series of sketches under the title Harem Nights, only a few of which have ever seen the light of day. They were all a tad kinky, generally with Sam somewhat the aggressor (though Janet was clearly into it), and usually with one or both in gear and in some kind of vaguely suggestive environs. After some discussion with a friend, I thought it would be fun to turn the tables a bit and let Janet be the alpha dog for once. Not all that easy given the relative height differences, not to mention costume fun. But I thought I'd give it a crack. Not perfect, but I kinda like. There are actually two versions. The first one is above, then I put a jacket on Janet and that version is below. Dunno which I like better.

To see either piece full size (warning, they're huge), click on the link below.

Without Jacket Full Size   ---   With Jacket Full Size


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