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You're welcome to link to this page or use the graphic as a wallpaper on your own computer. However,
 please do not repost or use it in any derivative work without the express written permission of the artist.

My girlfriend has fallen hard for this pairing (and I enjoy them as well), so I thought this would make a rather nice present. :) 

Probably about 50 layers, and 150 megs on my HD. I love how their breath came out...just hanging like that. 

As usual, please no icons and no reposting. It's not particularly sized to be a wall, but you're welcome to use it as such. 

Special thanks to the folks at the Olivia and Natalia Fanlisting for their screencappy goodness, some of which I used in putting together this piece.

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- May not be reproduced in any form (online or in print) without the express written permission of the author). This artwork is created strictly for the enjoyment of the artist and visitors to this site and may not be sold or traded in any fashion.


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