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Clearly I've got a bit of the sketchy-bug going. I just wanted to come up with a full on, mouth-meeting, no-more-longing-looks kiss (would that the show would follow suit sometime soon). Kisses, however, are a pain. Gotta get angles right (and one head is always at an angle I loathe doing with the head tipped away, which is hard to make look least for me), plus mouths kinda deform, noses disappear. On the whole, they're annoying to draw. Really, that's why you don't see so many...but...

Yeah, but I wanted to do one anyway. So here ya go. Enjoy, probably the last for awhile as I'll be in the corner sucking my thumb.

As usual, please no icons (though I can't imagine anyone wanting the sorta nondescript grey and white fuzzball this turns into when small) and no reposting.

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