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You're welcome to link to this page or use the graphic as a wallpaper on your own computer. However, 
please do not repost or use it in any derivative work without the express written permission of the artist.

Yet another not-quite-finished piece, but assorted folks have been asking me to post this one even though it's still in progress, so I thought I'd go ahead and put up an interim version. Still needs some perfecting and I suspect I'm in a bit of trouble because I put a nightgown on Nat (not that you could see much before...but I just liked it better, so there). Still has some things that need smoothing out and cleaning up, but overall, I rather like...which actually kind of amazes since at one point, I really wasn't happy with the piece.

And now on to the zombie apocalypse movie poster...Bwahahahaha! 

As usual, please no icons and no reposting. It's not particularly sized to be a wall, but you're welcome to use it as such. 

Copyright 2009 by Rabbitworks/Pink Rabbit Productions -- All Rights Reserved
- May not be reproduced in any form (online or in print) without the express written permission of the author). This artwork is created strictly for the enjoyment of the artist and visitors to this site and may not be sold or traded in any fashion.


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