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"You two are close friends, right?" He didn't wait for a reply, continuing, "You are elected as the sacrificial lambs."

Sam glanced at Janet, noticing that the doctor's eyebrows leapt into the vicinity of the sky. But then Janet turned to meet Sam's gaze, and Carter could see that the doctor did not seem at all bothered by the order. Sam was surprised to find that she herself seemed comfortable with the idea, and she resolutely tucked that revelation away for future consideration.

Carter turned back and saw O'Neill's face glowing red with embarrassment. She said a simple, "Yes, Sir," and grabbed Janet by the arm to lead her several steps away from the others.

Janet looked up into Sam's eyes and said loudly, "Gee, and I thought romance was dead." Her brown eyes sparkled merrily and Sam felt a smile crawling across her own face.

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