AMC Bodice Ripper Joke Cover

(but it probably oughta be Savage Love or something equally tacky)
by Pink Rabbit Productions
Digital Painting

Okay, so we can blame this on my addiction to film soundtracks. What can I say, I was listening to Pirates of the Caribbean and driving and my brain got to wandering, and yes, the entire plot is in my head (I scare myself some days). No time to write it, but I couldn't resist doing a mock cover (what can I say, I have a thing for old Errol Flynn movies).

Not to be reproduced without express written permission of the artist
(copyright notice below)

Detail shot

And this is a slightly smaller version of what I use for my wallpaper.

Copyright 2003 by Rabbitworks/Pink Rabbit Productions -- All Rights Reserved
- May not be reproduced in any form (online or in print) without the express written permission of the author). This artwork is created strictly for the enjoyment of the artist and visitors to this site and may not be sold or traded in any fashion.

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