Duty Calls
Digital Painting
By Pink Rabbit Productions
(Sized for wallpaper 1024x768)

Someone recently wrote and asked if I would do a portrait of just Janet.  I'd actually started this piece ages ago and something wasn't quite right. Figured out some mistakes I'd made and redid everything except her face and some of her hair (and even the face got some serious adjustments), and I actually really like it now. Her eyes particularly. I originally had her in wearing a dress uni...but that totally didn't fit the change in background. Debated going with just fatigues, but the full gear seemed like more fun and she has worn it a time or two. Anyhoo, that's the story. 

Copyright 2009 by Rabbitworks/Pink Rabbit Productions -- All Rights Reserved
- May not be reproduced in any form (online or in print) without the express written permission of the author). This artwork is created strictly for the enjoyment of the artist and visitors to this site and may not be sold or traded in any fashion.


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