Title: Feel
Disclaimer: Nothing Star Trek belongs to me. If it did Kirk would have a lot less luck with the ladies and Janeway would have a lot more. MMMM SevenÖ. MMMM BíEllanna
Basic Premise:
Letís just say Voyager finds yet another worm hole that leads them to the past yet again but this time they actually do something good with their time.
Hoshi/Típol and Janeway/Tuvok (I wanted to make it Janeway/Torres but it works a lot better with Tuvok, then again he is my third favorite person to pair Janeway with.)


"Captain, sensors show a wormhole." Tuvok said from his station. 

Captain Janeway immediately ordered the ship to stop and investigate the wormhole. The odds were against it being any good to them, but fifteen years on the wrong side of the galaxy would make anyone bet against the odds. 

After three hours of getting nowhere, the Captain decided to go back to her quarters. There was no use standing over her people's work. They were a good crew, and they would do their jobs. Besides, in recent weeks, Janeway had been feeling slightly off. She had avoided the doctor, but if she wasn't feeling better soonÖ. 

 "Good evening, Kathryn."   

Janeway smiled when she saw her mate standing next to the replicator. Tuvok had gotten off a few hours earlier and promised to replicate a special dinner for the two. It had been a long few days, and with recent happenings the long days promised to continue. 

"Hello, Tuvok," Janeway smiled.

"I have just finished preparing our dinner." 

"I'm not very hungry," Janeway smiled seductively at her mate.

"Mommy. Mommy." 

Janeway turned around and saw Tuvel running toward her. Janeway smiled at her son and then lifted him up. "What is it, Tuvel?" 

"Naomi and I made you a picture."  Janeway smiled as Naomi Wildman walked into the main room. The girl had grown greatly since she had become Captain's assistant and later Tuvel's babysitter. Babysitting had become an unofficial duty of hers of late. Voyager had been in space for such a long time that many of the crew, Janeway and Tuvok included, had begun to have families. Currently there were eight children between the ages of six months and eight years old, with one on the way. 

"That's great. I'll come see it when I tuck you to bed." Janeway paused. "Have you done your meditation tonight?" 

"Yes, mommy." 

"Good. Now say goodnight to your father and then head off to bed."  Janeway put her son down. 

"Ok." Tuvel walked over to Tuvok. "Goodnight, Father." 

"Goodnight, my son."  Janeway turned to Naomi. "Thank you again for watching him." 

"It was my pleasure; he's a great kid." Naomi smiled, "Now if you don't mind, I have studying to do." 

"Yes, of course. How is your studying going?"   

"Not bad," Naomi smiled. "I should have your job in a few years." 

Janeway laughed at the long-running joke between the two. There was some semblance of truth to the statement, but they both knew that Naomi didn't want to be Captain. She wanted to be a science officer. 

After Tuvel was tucked into bed, Janeway went back to the main quarters and she and Tuvok began to eat when the red alert signal went off. 

* * * * * *

"Is the wormhole stable?"  "No, Captain." Seven of Nine said simply. 

"Can we at least tell where it leads to?" Janeway said, feeling a  headache come on. 

"Captain, I just received a hail." Paris tapped on a few keys. "My God." 

"What is it, Mr. Paris?" 

"Itís from Earth. The Enterprise." 

Janeway was about to smile. Out of all the ships to find them, it made her feel good that it was the Enterprise, the flag ship of the Federation. . She wondered if Juan-Luc was still the captain.   

"What's wrong, Mr. Paris?" Janeway noticed the look on the Lieutenantís face. "It is the Enterprise, right?"

 "Yes, maíam." Paris paused. "The Enterprise NX-01."  

* * * * * *

It had taken nearly a week to fix the engines after their disastrous attempt to make contact with a species that was quite evident xenophobic. Just hailing them was grounds for immediate cleansing as the species so elegantly put it. They had escaped by the skin of their teeth and Captain Archer knew the crew needed a break. There was a planet a few days journey that was supposed to specialize in Ďa good time for all.í It would be the perfect place to relax, at least for awhile.

"Captain, sensors are picking up a wormhole."

"Where?" Archer asked.

"At our current heading." TíPol paused and pushed a few keys, "We should get there in about five minutes."

"Weíre heading towards it?" Archer smiled, "I think fate is smiling at us."

As soon as they were within sensor range the ship began performing whatever scans on it that they could. They maintained a far enough distance so that they would remain safe if something happened to the wormhole. However their curiosity was piqued.

"Captain we a picking up transmission signals from the wormhole." Hoshi said trying to make the jumbled signals clearer, "If I didnít know better Iíd say they were human."

"Human?" Archer paused, "Try sending out a greeting maybe weíll get an answer."

"Com line is open Captain."

"This is Captain Archer from the Earth ship Enterprise."

"Captain I think we can get a visual. And Iím getting something from the other side, itís jumbled butÖ."

"On screen."

Whatever Archer was expecting it wasnít what he got. He was staring face to face at a woman who looked human. Her uniform was definitely different then the ones they were wearing but she was definitely human, or at least closely related to human.

"Hello Captain Archer, my name is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager."

"Voyager, I donít seem to recall a ship by that name in our registry."

Captain Janeway laughed, "No I doubt you would have."

"And here I thought we were the first ship to travel this far into space." Archer said mildly disappointed.

Janeway frowned for a moment before she spoke, "Donít worry Captain you still have that honorÖ..

The screen suddenly went blank and Archer felt the ship start to shake. He immediately called to engineering but Trip couldnít figure out what was going wrong. All Tripp could tell him was that much more of it would tear the ship apart.

Archer was about to order the ship further away from the wormhole when the shaking suddenly stopped. "What the Hell just happened."

"Captain I think you should come down to engineering." Trip paused, "We have some visitors."

Trip turned to the two people standing next to him. One was a human woman with red hair and the aire of authority to her and the other was a Vulcan male.

Captain Janeway leaned over toward Tuvok and whispered, "How do we get ourselves into these messes?"

Tuvok just raised his eyebrow and remained silent.

* * * * * *

TíPol sat in front of her mediation candle and tried to clear her head. Ensign Sato had just left. They had had another of their lessons. The human was making some real progress in controlling her emotions. The problem was that TíPol was losing ground. It was becoming harder and harder for her to focus. Her thoughts always returned to Ensign Sato, to Hoshi.

To make matters worse the two new arrivals on their ship were an enigma that TíPol couldnít figure out. She had noticed a closeness about them from the start. Captain Janeway was a lot like Captain Archer. She was extremely emotional and prone to illogical courses of action. However Commander Tuvok seemed to take it all with ease that TíPol had never witnessed before in a Vulcan. It wasnít common knowledge but humans had a tendency to make VulcansÖ.less then Vulcan. However Tuvok didnít seem at all concerned about Captain Janewayís fits of illogic. He seemed to even find it comforting.

Janeway and Tuvok had been on board for nearly three days when Tuvok began to show signs of emotional breakdown. The Enterprise crew found it amusing at first. Seeing a Vulcan lose control of his logic seemed funny to them. They didnít understand what it meant, but Captain Janeway did. When Janeway noticed the concern of TíPolís face she said whispered in perfect Vulcan two words, ĎPon Far.í

Hoshi Sato went through the Vulcan database trying to find any mention to the words Pon Far. There seemed to be none. She had never heard those words used before. She had no idea what they meant, and most of all she had no idea why those words would make TíPol act soÖ.emotional.

The Vulcan Tuvok was a curiosity to her. She had never met a Vulcan like him. Yes he had some of his peopleís annoying habits and traits, but he seemed to be comfortable around humans. That was something that was just so un-Vulcan like.

Then he had begun to show real signs of emotion. First it was a smile, then a laugh. The crew had thought that maybe he was a descendent of one of the crewmembers of the Vulcan ship that had tried to find a balance between logic and emotion, but soon they realized that their was no balance in Tuvok. Sato had been the first to notice TíPolís look of panic.

"Pon Far." Janeway had whispered to TíPol when TíPol had rushed over to try to calm Tuvok down.

Sato didnít think they had noticed her standing a few feet away. She had also been worried. Though her worry was more for TíPol then Tuvok and Janeway. She didnít like to see TíPol lose control like she did. She was about to offer her assistance when she heard Janeway speak again.

"He is my mate."

For a moment Sato was sure TíPol was going to faint. For a moment she thought she would too.

It was three days before any of the Enterprise crew saw Janeway or Tuvok. Everyone wanted to ask why they never left the quarters they had been given but no one knew who to ask. They all knew that asking TíPol would get them nowhere so they didnít ask. They just kept wondering.

Sato was the only one who knew anything about what happened and she wasnít talking either. She had gone to TíPol quarters to have another one of her lessons on emotional discipline. She had noticed almost immediately that TíPol was acting nervous. On anyone else she would have put it off as a bad day but TíPol was Vulcan. Vulcans didnít get nervous.

"Whatís wrong, TíPol?" Sato asked after awhile.

"I am fine."

"Well thatís a first." Sato smiled when she saw TíPolís eyebrow rise a little, "I always thought Vulcans couldnít lie."

TíPol paused for a moment. "We can lie we just find it illogical to do so."

"What is the logic of lying now"

Sato was proud of her use of logic. She had pushed TíPol into a corner. It was either lie again or tell her at least part of the truth. Sato was no fool, she knew that she would never get the whole truth but even a little bit would be enough. Enough for what, Sato wasnít sure.

TíPol got up from her meditating position and stared out the window at the stars. She wasnít sure how much to tell the young ensign. She knew that Sato knew more about what was going on then most of the crew, but to tell her too much would be disastrous. How could a human understand about Pon Far when Vulcans barely understood it.

"Itís about Pon Far isnít it?"


"What is it?"

"We do not talk about it." TíPol paused, "It is how we mate."

Sato understood in a way. In a strange way it made sense. Every species had their own ways of mating. Whether it was a mating ritual or habit each species had a way of making sure they survived. It had never occurred to her that Vulcans would have one too. She just assumed it was done as logically as everything else. It never occurred to her that there was any emotion in it. It never occurred to her that they would feel.

Sato didnít ask any more questions. It wasnít her place. She cared about TíPol too much to risk asking anything more. It was a strange thought that a human could feel for a Vulcan but if Captain Janeway and Commander Tuvok were really from the future then maybe it was possible.

So when people asked Sato what she knew, she lied. It was the logical thing to do.

* * * * * *

Captain Janeway followed Captain Archer into his cabin. She smiled as she looked around. His quarters were a lot smaller then hers were. Hell his quarters were about the size of an ensigns in her time. Things were different though. Space travel was still new. They had never heard of species like the Cardassians, the Bajorans, the Borg. They hadnít yet fought the war with the Klingons, or the Dominion, they hadnít met the Q. Space was still a brave new world and Captain Archer was just an explorer who had no idea he would change the universe.

"Iím sorry if the accommodations arenít up to your standards Captain." Archer noticed Janeways smile and figured she was used to more Ďhi-techí accommodations.

Janeway smiled, "I thought we agreed to a first name basis." Janeway paused, "Or has something changed in the last three days."

Archer felt himself blush a little. The truth was he felt a little awkward with the citation. He had his suspicions the Janeway and Tuvok were more then just friends and that scared him a little. He didnít trust Vulcans, well most of them anyway, and it made him feel a little funny to think that Janeway and Tuvok were lovers.

"No." Archer paused, "I was justÖ"

"Heís my mate, John"

Archer nodded mutely.

"He wasnít always though." Janeway paused, "He had a wife. A Vulcan wife. A fine woman. But Vulcans need mates who areÖ.accessible and she isnít."

"And you were?"

"Yes." Janeway paused, "We are a long way from home, John. We probably wonít make it back in my lifetime but we try. Somewhere along the line Tuvok snuck into my heart. " Janeway smiled, "Loving him wasÖ.logical."

"And what about him?"

"He loves me in his own way."

"And itís enough?"

"Itís enough."

* * * * * *

TíPol sat by her candle and tried to meditate. She tried in vain to block out the thoughts of her most recent conversation with Ensign Sato. The woman was infuriating to say the least. TíPol had just about given up when she heard the chime at her door.


Tuvok walked into the Sub-Commanders quarters and looked around for a moment and then he spoke, "If you are meditating I can come back."

"No." TíPol paused, "I am finished." When Tuvok did not speak she continued, "Is there something I can do for you?"

"I thought we should talk." Tuvok said simply.

"About what?"

"About Captain Janeway."

"She is your mate." TíPol said simply.

Tuvok nodded, "And this makes you uncomfortable."

"That is a human emotion." TíPol said more harshly then she intended.

Tuvok just nodded. He didnít want to say too much. Too much of the future rested on the young Vulcanís shoulders. She was only starting her journey; a journey that would take her farther then any Vulcan had ever gone. A journey that would change the universe forever.

TíPol didnít know it yet, but soon she would do something no other Vulcan had ever done. She would fall in love with a human and together they would find what they were missing alone. Together they would make loves like his and Kathrynís possible. They would make lives like Spockís possible. And although their lives wouldnít be easy, for they would find resistance from both the Vulcans and the Humans, they would change the way the two people saw each other.

Together a Vulcan named TíPol and a Human named Hoshi Sato would change the universe.

* * * * * *

TíPol stared out the window in her quarters. Captain Janeway and Commander Tuvok had left the ship of three point two hours before. Of all the people, it had been Ensign Sato who had figured out how to send them back to their ship, back to their time, back to their quest to get home.

TíPol didnít know where her home was anymore.

After Tuvok had left her quarters she once again tried to meditate. This time she had succeeded enough to satisfy herself. However the conversation that she had with Tuvok remained in her mind.

Tuvok loved.

Tuvok felt.

TíPol was still staring out into space when the door chimed and in walked Ensign Sato. It had been forty two point three hours since that conversation and TíPol had come to only one logical conclusion.

"You asked to see me Sub-Commander." Hoshi asked.

"Yes." TíPol turned around to face the woman, "I wish to cancel our lessons."

"For how long?" Hoshi asked a bit worried.

"I am not sure. "

"Is it something I did wrong?" Hoshi asked.

Hoshi didnít want to cancel the lessons. She enjoyed the time she spent with TíPol. She would never admit it to anyone but she actually liked the Vulcan. TíPol was annoying, infuriating, and drove her to distraction but Hoshi liked her.

"I have been having trouble meditating lately." TíPol said simply.

Hoshi nodded although she didnít understand. There was no logic in it. How could she be the reason that TíPol could not meditate. Yes they had spent a lot of time together lately, but she had always assumed that TíPol enjoyed it. She had never said anything about it before. Hoshi knew that there was something the Vulcan was not telling her.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You can stay away."

TíPol noticed the hurt in the Ensignís eyes. If a Vulcan could feel bad TíPol knew she would have at that moment.

She did feel bad.

"Why?" Hoshi asked simply.

A million thoughts ran through her head. A million logical reasons. A million logical answers. Then she thought about what Tuvok had said to her. Tell the truth. The truth is always the logical answer.

However this time, TíPol knew, the truth was the one way to make her life and the life of Hoshi Satoís even more difficult. The truth was the one thing that she would not say.

"What is the logic of lying now?" Hoshi had asked her only days before. The only answer she could give was the same she gave before. There wasnít any. Finally TíPol opened her mouth and spoke the truth.

"Because you make me feel."

* * * * * *

Captain Kathryn Janeway smiled as she read through the memoirs of Hoshi Sato. A single sentence, a single declaration had changed everything.

"Because you make me feel."

It was all it took for two people, one a Vulcan and one a human, to finally put down all the mistrust of generations and find a love that would stand the test of time. A love that would change everything.

It was only the beginning for both of them, but with a single sentence born out of truth, everything changed. The universe changed.

All because a Human had made a Vulcan feel.

The end.

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