Title: Suddenly, A Kiss Rang Out!
Author: Geonn
Email: neil_j_miser@yahoo.com
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Sam/Janet
Category: Romance
Disclaimer: These folks don't belong to me. I stole them from MGM's toybox without asking their mommies for permission. I promise to return them more or less unscathed.
Archive: Realm of the Shadow, yes. Area 52, yes. Anywhere else, ask and ye shall receive.
Notes: The title comes from a 'Peanuts' cartoon where Lucy commented there was too much violence in the world.
Summary: Janet goes for a drive that could change her life.


"You know, I wouldn't be offended if you just decided not to show up."

Not show up? How could she refuse? How could she turn down such a heartfelt, touching plea for companionship? No one had ever spoken to her so beautifully; no one had ever managed to make her cry or feel like a goddess. No one until a certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty named Samantha Carter. A woman who, two short days ago, had just been 'friend' and 'confidant' and sometimes a sympathetic ear. Samantha, who had so firmly entrenched herself in the other woman's life that Janet could no longer imagine life without her.

Not show up? Just walk away? How?

She had heard tales; long, romantic tales of how strangers had become friends, and then lovers. According to most accounts, those were the best relationships. Relationships where you truly knew and cared for a person before you take them to bed. About how they could explode with passion if you already had emotional ties to the person you were making love to.

Of course, when those relationships failed, what happened to the initial friendship? Could Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser - once making the switch to being lovers - turn being just friends if it didn't work out? Could they simply look past the fact that they had challenged everything - rules, societal boundaries - only to discover it didn't work? Could they *really* shake the foundations of their lives so drastically and hope everything returned to normal if it didn't click?

The prudent thing would be, of course, to stay right where she was. Sit behind her desk, finish the paperwork she had to do and then head home. A repeat of 'Ally McBeal' on the tube, some cold pizza from the fridge, a few minutes of Letterman and then climb into bed in her favorite pair of feetie pajamas. Curled up in her comforter, waiting for morning to come, safe and sound in the knowledge that everything would be normal in the morning.

And alone. If she went that route, she would be unavoidably alone. No one to kiss her good-night. No one to brush her shoulder as she was falling asleep. No one to cuddle with.

She took a deep breath through her nose, held it for a five-count, then slowly blew it out through her lips. She ran her hands through her hair and watched the screensaver on her computer activate. She watched the ball bounce across her screen for a few minutes, then stood and left the office. She had made her decision.


Rain pounded the pavement on either side of Janet's Yukon. She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, staring at the incandescent red light of the Walgreen's sign across the street. She wondered where the omnipresent drugstores had come from. There hadn't been one in her neighborhood as a child. Now there seemed to be one on every corner of every town. She wondered if Sam Walton had anything to do with it.

She looked up at the red streetlight that was keeping her from continuing on her journey, wondering what the sensors were doing. They must know there are no other cars on the road in this kind of weather at this time of night. So why didn't the light turn green? Maybe this particular corner had a timer set in. She checked her watch and looked back up at the light. She turned her head and again contemplated the Walgreen's sign through the falling drops.

Anything to keep her mind away from where she was going.

Anything to keep from thinking about what she was planning to do.

She sighed and shifted in her seat as the DJ started playing a quick, jazzy song called 'Birdland.' She reached down, thumbing the dial and turning up the volume. Finally, just as she started to get into the song, the light turned green and she rolled forward through the intersection, looking both ways despite the fact that she knew no one was coming. She pressed her foot to the gas, continuing her journey. As long as she didn't think about where she was going or what would happen when she got there, she would be fine. She turned up the jazz number, letting the horns and saxophones fill her ears. The music was taking her away, which is all she really wanted.

Her destination was still nine blocks away, and she just had to hit another damned red light. From her past trips, Janet knew that there would be four more. And with her luck, she would probably hit them all before the night was over. Leaving one hand draped over the steering wheel, she tilted the rearview down so she could see her own reflection. What she saw wasn't spectacular to her. It was the same face she'd been carrying for thirty-some-odd years. The braces no longer puffed out her upper lip, of course. And the signs of adolescent acne had vanished from her cheeks, forehead and nose in her twenties. She widened her eyes and brushed her bangs.

Sam wanted this? Samantha Carter was so in love with this that she was risking her life, her career, her everything? Looking down at herself, all she saw was a woman. A woman who spent most of her waking hours either at work or trying to understand the mind of a teenaged girl. She was no longer wearing her uniform, having changed before leaving the base. Her outfit was simple; a white t-shirt under a burgundy vest and a pair of old jeans. Nothing special, nothing outstanding. There had to be some mistake. Some alien virus that heightened libido... She chewed on her fingernail and turned away from her reflection.

Across the street, the red cursive letters of Walgreen's stared back at her. It was a goddamned conspiracy, it had to be.

When the light turned green, Janet rolled forward. Instead of going straight, however, she turned left. She knew a shortcut to Sam's house that would take her down side-streets and through a neighborhood. She would still have to contend with stop signs, but she could roll through those without bothering to come to a complete stop. In this weather, who would be out? She turned onto Spruce and began navigating the conundrum of winding roads that she knew would lead her to Sam's home. To Sam's waiting arms. To Sam.


"Birdland" had ended a long time ago and the jazz station had turned over to commercials. Janet spun the dial, searching for a station that was actually playing music, but kept coming up short. Finally, she turned the radio off and leaned back, looking through her rain-streaked window at the house she was parked in front of. The house where Samantha Carter was waiting. Janet sighed and leaned forward, crossing her hands at the wrist and resting them on the steering wheel. She felt the cool contact of her watch against her forehead and knew it would most-likely leave a funny-looking imprint.

What if Sam was inside right now? Looking out the window, wondering why Janet was just sitting there? Her heart would more than likely be racing. It was then that Janet realized she held all the cards in their relationship. If she drove off, they would remain friends. At least, that was the plan. How could Sam possibly remain friends with someone who had shunned her? There would always be that black mark on their history, the fact that she didn't love Sam as much as Sam loved her. They'd no doubt drift apart at that point, eventually becoming just another name on a duty roster.

Or she could shut off the engine, run through the rain to the front porch and give in to the nagging voice that was tapping at the base of her skull. They would have wild, uninhibited, passionate sex for a few nights, maybe even a few months before it all came crashing down. Someone would find out. The wrong person would be informed and life as they knew it would cease to exist. Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser would cease to be entities to themselves and would become 'those Air Force lesbians who couldn't keep it platonic.' Reassignments would be handed out, the women would be separated and that would be - as they say - that. The end.

But then there was the possibility of secret option number three. Dare she think about that option? Dare she hope? Could it be possible that she and Sam could carry on a physical relationship with no dire consequences?

She lifted her head off the steering wheel and leaned back, looking at the roof of her car. She rubbed her face, letting her mind go blank for a few minutes as she tried to come at this from a completely unbiased point of view. She wanted to be analytical. She wanted to look at this from a strictly insensate point of view; an emotionless response to a wholly-emotional situation.

The truth was, it was impossible to debate her choices without bringing emotions into it. The fact was that she *wanted* to go into the house and spend the night with Sam. She wanted to know what Sam looked like when she was asleep. Did she murmur at the co-stars of her dreams? Did she hog the blankets? Did she unconsciously nibble on her thumbnail like a child not completely broken of her thumb-sucking habit? Janet wanted - needed - to know the answers to these questions.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that, for several minutes, she didn't notice the dark silhouette of a person standing next to her car. When she finally glanced that way and saw the figure, she gasped and involuntarily jumped away from the glass. She jabbed her hand to the controls in the armrest of the door and lowered the window. Several fat raindrops flung themselves into the car, eager to moisten the dry surfaces within rather than join their twins in the puddles gathering at the curb. Janet swallowed and forced a smile at the person standing outside the car.

Samantha Carter offered a weak smile, her eyebrows tilted upward in the expectant way people have when they want answers. Her blonde hair was plastered to her forehead by the downpour, her blue robe soaked through and hanging heavily from her shoulders.

The two women simply stared at each other for a long time, each searching for the right words. For Janet, nothing seemed to sound right in her head. Should she formally reveal her answer or just let it be implied? Unable to conjure up anything that didn't come off as unbelievably corny, Janet said nothing.

Sam wanted to ask what Janet was thinking. She wanted to comment on the rain. She wanted to mention the sample that SG-4 had brought back from PQ-whatever-the-hell. Anything to break the awful silence that hung in the air. The wall between the two women couldn't have been more palpable if tiny men in tiny white overalls had started constructing it on the sidewalk. Unable to think of anything to say, Sam said nothing.

Finally, they reached an impasse; something either had to be said or one of them had to leave. The silence couldn't be allowed to continue. Finally, Janet lifted her hand from the steering wheel and dropped it, letting her trembling fingers come to rest on the ignition switch. She poked the edge of her tongue out of her mouth and swept it quickly across her lips before she squeezed her keyring... and twisted.

The sudden absence of the big engine's roar seemed seemed to make the falling rain sound louder. Sam blinked at the now-complete silence. Janet rolled up the window, unfastened her seatbelt and pushed the door open. Sam stepped back, putting her hand on the door and pushing it shut once Janet was standing next to her on the sidewalk. Janet looked up at the blonde, her face and clothes already drenched by the falling rain. She lifted her hand and pushed a button. The alarm chirped loudly as it activated.

They blinked quietly at each other for a few moments, then Janet seemed to notice the chill seeping through her clothes. She reached out and took Sam's hand, squeezing the blonde's fingers and tilting her head towards the porch. With a nod, the two women headed for the house hand-in-hand.

Sam pushed the door open and stepped aside, allowing Janet to enter first. Once inside, Janet took a look around the house she had visited so many times in the past. In the living room, one lamp was still burning next to the couch. All the other lights had been extinguished, giving the entire house a middle-of-the-night feeling. Appropriate... since it *was* the middle of the night. Janet took a moment to take it all in; she had never been to Sam's house this late and had never seen it so serene.

Homes tended to have two faces. One was bright and welcoming, both to their owners and to cherished guests. The other, the one that came out at night, created a very intimate atmosphere. *That* face created a sanctuary where the owner could feel safe enough to fall asleep. And it was a time when all the sounds... the air conditioners clicking on, the hum of the refrigerator, the white noise of a stereo playing somewhere... all became a little quieter.

Janet stood in Sam's expansive entry hall, hugging herself and rubbing her cold arms. Behind her, she heard Sam locking the door and checking to make sure the burglar alarm was set. To Janet's right, darkness stretched across the hall and into the bedroom. To her left was the den and the informal dining room. She could see straight through the house, to the living room where they had watched countless videos and DVDs. It was where their friendship had actually began to blossom.

The couch and television were now shrouded in darkness; an area of the house that the night had already claimed. Janet turned to see that Sam was leaning against the door, watching the brunette with wide eyes. Both of them were counting on the other to make the first move; they both wanted the other to be the one who irrevocably changed things between them. Sam apparently decided that Janet had made a big first step by actually showing up, so she took the next step. She closed the distance between them, resting her hands lightly on the shorter woman's shoulders.

As Janet looked up, she remembered the key themes to Sam's earlier monologue. Want. Need. Feelings. Strong, strong feelings that had been pushed aside for far too long. Emotions that could no longer be hidden. Things that needed to be said. Janet smiled and dropped her hands to Sam's waist, surprised to find that she had felt the same things towards the blonde standing before her.

Her fingers trembled as she undid the belt on Sam's robe and pulled it loose. The wet material clung to the taller woman's body, but Janet effortlessly pulled it away. Underneath, Sam's white Snoopy t-shirt had soaked through in several places. The transparent material only revealed the soft, pink skin of the blonde's shoulders and stomach, but Janet felt a perverse thrill at seeing even that much. Sam shifted from one foot to the other, then finally looked down to see what had captured Janet's attention.

She blushed when she saw how much of her skin was exposed and she looked up at Janet through her wet bangs. Crossing her hands at the wrists, she grabbed the hem of the wet shirt and tugged it up, wiggling her upper body to get the clinging material away from her skin. When she succeeded, she dropped the dripping mass to the welcome mat, standing before Janet in her underpants. Janet had seen Sam nude before; underwear shouldn't have been such a breath-taking sight.

Unless, of course, that underwear happened to be black, lacy and nearly transparent. Janet stepped forward, eyes locked on the pale flesh of Sam's chest. The swell of her breast above the cup of her brassiere invited a touch from a lover. Slowly, Janet rested her fingers on that oh-so-inviting flesh, sliding them up until they were looped under the strap. She looked into Sam's eyes for confirmation that this was alright before tugging it down. The strap went slack and rolled lazily down the slope of Sam's shoulder.

Janet flattened her hand against the other woman's chest, pressing her palm against Sam's upper torso. The blonde's heart was beating a rapid, uneven rhythm against her ribcage. Janet leaned forward, closing her eyes and inhaling. Perfume. Samantha Carter wearing perfume and lingerie. For a moment, the brunette recalled her activities of the previous day and decided that she had not come in contact with any quantum mirrors. This was the *real* Samantha Carter.

Their bodies seemed to be separated only by an invisible barrier that had sprung up at the last second. Janet felt the heat emanating from Sam's moist body. The rain that had managed to seep through both the robe and t-shirt remained on the blonde like a sheen of sweat, glistening in the light of the single lamp. Janet found herself rising onto her toes, bringing her face closer to Sam's. Sam, in turn, stooped slightly and tilted her head to one side.

For a long moment, they remained like that; the contact of their bodies hindered by a wall of infinitesimal cells, their lips poised for a kiss, their hands frozen in the middle of exploration. It was as if someone had taken a snapshot and the world ceased to move for that moment. Neither one breathed, neither dared to speak. After a long, silent, still moment, Sam exhaled gently, her warm breath cascading over Janet's parted lips. Janet swept her tongue out at that moment, brushing not only her own lips, but Sam's as well.

That contact seemed to break the spell. They collapsed into each other, Sam's near-nude body molding against Janet's fully-clothed form. Janet brought her hands up, sliding them over Sam's cheeks and digging through her hair. She kept her eyes open during the first kiss, watching with wide-eyed wonder at the expression playing over the blonde's features during their first kiss. Though Sam wasn't frowning, the skin between her eyebrows was slightly wrinkled as if she was puzzling over some insurmountable problem. She felt the weight of Sam's tongue on her own and welcomed it, letting her hands move down to play over the blonde's shoulderblades.

Before Janet had a chance to process the fact that she had passionately kissed another woman, the moment was over. Sam broke the kiss and straightened her back, blinking at Janet. For a brief, terrible, tragic, heart-rending moment, Janet thought that the blonde might have decided this was a mistake. That she would be shown to the door and thanked for her time. Sam swallowed, her throat rolling with the effort. Janet found the sight incredibly erotic.

Instead of saying anything, Sam reached up and tugged at the clasp of her bra, letting the undergarment fall to the floor and revealing her beautiful, full breasts. They sagged slightly, obviously missing the support of the bra but still winning the battle against time and age. The nipples were pink, a slightly more-flushed color than the rest of her skin. The nipples themselves stood firmly against the aureola, taut and aching to be touched.

Sam took a step back, holding her hands behind her back as if expecting a review of her nudity. She crossed her legs at the ankles, then looked coyly up at Janet. In a move that seemed incredibly orchestrated, Sam uncrossed her legs with the fluidity that only comes with much practice. Dancing more than moving, she crossed to the other side of the hall, side-stepping Janet's position and disappearing behind the brunette. When Janet turned, the blonde had disappeared into the dark hall leading to the bedroom.

Janet nervously cleared her throat and followed. Through the open door, she could see the light of several candles burning. She spotted a black strip in her path and knelt to pick it up. Sam's panties. Her heart leapt into her throat, pounding against her uvula for a few seconds before returning to its rightful place in her chest. She dropped the panties and continued on the most important journey of her life.

Though the door was already open, she pushed it a few more inches anyway. She had seen Sam's bedroom, of course. Many times. She had slept off a hangover there, used the bathroom, debated the curtain color, changed for an afternoon in Sam's pool there. But just as a house had its Day Face and Night Face, bedrooms had their 'Use Me To Change' face and 'Use Me For Sex' face. On previous visits, the bed had been a piece of furniture; a nicely put-together area with lots of pretty pillows and a floral blanket. Hardly worth a second thought.

But when entering a bedroom for the express purpose of making love... the bed became an entity unto itself. It seemed to occupy more space than normal. It was impossible to look away from the deliberately ruffled sheets. She couldn't ignore the pillows haphazardly spilled to the floor around the bed, either. But Sam was nowhere to be seen. She was about to call out to the absent blonde when she felt a presence behind her.

Before she could turn around, Sam pressed herself to Janet's back. Janet immediately knew where the blonde had been hiding; a small alcove right next to the bedroom door that served to house guest coats, scarves and muddy boots. She had been obscured by shadows and Janet had walked right by her. The crafty blonde lowered her head, kissing and licking the soft skin behind the brunette's ear. Janet leaned back, extraordinarily aware of the blonde's nudity as her hands reached back and explored the soft flesh of Sam's thighs. Sam nibbled Janet's ear, dipping her tongue into the canal before she began whispering to her soon-to-be lover. Some of her comments were sweet, some romantic, and some downright naughty. Janet felt herself tremble at the thought of playing out some of Sam's suggestions.

Sam suddenly pulled away from Janet and made a bee-line for the bed, grabbing the blankets and untucking them as quickly as she could. Janet watched the nude beauty work, admiring the plains and curves that she had never let herself truly see. Sam balled the quilt up and shoved it to one side, leaving the mattress covered only by a sheet and some pillows. A playing field had been created. Janet stepped forward, touching Sam's back.

The blonde turned and saw Janet, straightening slowly and turning to fully face the brunette. They looked at each other for a long moment, standing next to the first bed they would share as lovers. Sam licked her lips and rested her hands on Janet's chest, sliding them down and slowly undoing the three oversized buttons of Janet's vest. When the last one had been released, she slid Janet's arms out of the holes and let the scrap of material fall to the floor.

Once that had been completed, Sam held her hands motionless in front of Janet's chest, as if unsure what to do. Janet knew that Sam had been aching for this for a long time; the blonde had said as much in her office earlier. Looking into her wide blue eyes, Janet knew that there was so much Sam wanted to do, so much she had dreamed of... and now she had no earthly idea where to begin. Janet licked her own lips and reached up, resting her hands on Sam's wrists and pushing them forward until the blonde's palms were pressed against her shirt.

Sam gasped quietly, looking into Janet's eyes and seeing the permission there. It was decided. This was going to happen. After another moment of consideration, Sam grabbed the collar of Janet's t-shirt and moved to rip the fabric away. The material tore, but only a couple of centimeters. The blonde smiled sheepishly, wrapped her hand around more of the shirt and tugged again. This time, she didn't let up until the shirt had been completely torn down the center.

Janet helped pull the tatters off, not bothering to think about what she would wear out of the house in the morning. She fell against Sam, rising onto her toes once more to kiss the blonde again. Sam moaned and played with Janet's hair, undoing the clips that held it in place and letting the curls fall to her shoulders. Sam pulled back and lightly pecked Janet's cheek, guiding the brunette back until her knees hit the edge of the mattress.

Sam planted her hands on Janet's shoulders and gently pushed the brunette down onto the bed, forcing her into a seated position. Janet's eyes never left Sam's; the blue of Sam's eyes were nearly invisible in the darkness, diminished to thin ribbons around the dark pools of her pupils. The glimmering haloes of the candles burning around the room flickered across the blonde's face and lit her eyes with a new glow that Janet had never seen before.

Unless of course... unless her pupils were dilated out of passion. Unless the glow was because of what they were doing... Janet swallowed and tried not to focus on that for the time being.

Janet finally allowed herself to examine Sam's nude form, trailing her eyes over the pale flesh. As the chief medical officer for Cheyenne Mountain, Janet had seen the blonde naked many times. But, again, this was for sex. This was different. Janet swallowed and wished she was wearing something besides plain white cotton underwear. She felt a sudden urge to cover up, offer Sam a raincheck for another, more romantic time.

With the precision and delicacy of an orchestra maestro, Sam lifted both hands and turned the backs to Janet's face. The hands moved in perfect concert with each other, moving slowly until the knuckles brushed gently against the other woman's cheeks. Janet tilted her head up, closing her eyes as she felt Sam's fingers disappear into her hair. Slender fingers massaged her scalp and threaded through the tangles in her hair. She gently stroked Janet's temples, provoking the brunette to murmur blissfully.

Leaving her hair for the moment, Sam reached down and cupped Janet's full breasts, weighing them carefully and searching until she found the erect bud of Janet's nipple pressing against the cotton. Janet shivered at the touch and opened her eyes slightly, her lips parting. Sam looked up and popped the clasp of the brunette's bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders and discarding the barrier.

Unlike Janet, Sam had never seen her new lover naked. Her eyes widened at the sight, her hands skimming the surface of Janet's skin as if afraid to make contact. Her long fingers, usually so meticulous and confident, now trembled violently. Janet arched her back and Sam suddenly found her hand filled with her friend's chest. She gasped, looking at the flesh in her palm, then squeezed gently. She dropped to her knees, kneeling in front of Janet as she lowered her head. Her hands slipped down the brunette's stomach as she lightly brushed her lips over the swell of her friend's bosom.

Janet trembled and whimpered softly, resting her hand on Sam's head. Her confidence returning, Sam began to devour her friend's breast, latching onto the nipple and suckling hungrily. Using her right hand to cup and lift Janet's breast, Sam used her left hand to explore the warm denim between Janet's legs. The brunette's teeth clacked together as she felt Sam's hand on her, the electricity of her fingers translating even through the thick material. Sam straightened, leaving Janet's nipples wet and exposed, and began working the button of the jeans. Janet reached down, helping her friend and eventually succeeding in liberating the small copper circle.

The zipper was quickly tugged down and Janet lifted her hips off the mattress, twisting her body until Sam was able to work the denim off of the brunette's tanned legs. As Sam wrestled to get the jeans untangled from Janet's feet, Janet slipped her panties down, rolling them down her legs as far as she could go. She had reached her knees when Sam finally got the jeans off and tossed them across the room.

Sam lifted her head, finding Janet's lips and submerging them both in another heady kiss. The room swam as their tongues dueled, the world outside no longer vital. All that mattered was the naked blonde kneeling on the floor and the naked brunette perched on the edge of the bed. Sam reluctantly broke the kiss, lifting her head for a quick peck before going downward once more. She marked all the spots she had marked before and managed to find a few more; she explored Janet's throat and shoulders, laved her collarbone, nursed her nipples and danced her lips over Janet's stomach before spreading the brunette's legs farther apart.

Janet felt her heart accelerate and her skin explode in a fresh coating of sweat. Samantha Carter was about to--

About to...

Oooooh, Godddddddddd....

She fell back, her hands shooting out to keep her from falling flat against the mattress as Sam touched her tongue to the most sensitive area of Janet's anatomy. The blonde was tentative with her explorations, her eyes locked on Janet's face for confirmation that what she was doing was okay. Janet moaned a few incoherent things before she rose into perfect posture, her back ramrod straight and her hands moving over Sam's scalp. Taking this as an okay to move forward, Sam moved her tongue from Janet's clitoris and began working into her slick folds.

Janet moaned at the intimate contact and rolled her shoulders forward, curling her body around Sam's. She kissed the blonde's spine, finding a thin sheen of sweat there. As Sam's tongue lovingly tended to her crotch, Janet planted kisses along the expanse of Sam's bare back. She found moles that she had examined and kissed them lovingly; she used the tip of her tongue to trace the line of Sam's spine, savoring the salty taste of the other woman's sweat.

Sam's tongue curled within her, as if the blonde was attempting to pull out whatever moisture lay within. Janet moaned and fell back, this time allowing herself to flatten against the mattress. With a heavy sigh, she pulled Sam up and away from her crotch and kissed her lips, tasting herself on the blonde's tongue. They clutched at each other, rolling this way and that as they tried to determine who would be on top.

When their lips broke contact and the victor rose, both were a little surprised to find Janet was on top, her legs straddling Sam's right thigh. She scooted forward, pressing her own thigh against Sam's warm center. She reached down, caressing the blonde's full breasts, playfully pinching her nipples and leaning down to kiss the erect buds. Her lips slid upward and she passionately kissed Sam's mouth, her hips gently bucking and massaging both of them simultaneously. Sam looped one arm around Janet's shoulder, pulling the woman closer to her, as her other hand moved between their bodies to find Janet's clitoris.

The brunette moaned loudly into Sam's mouth as she felt the blonde's nimble fingers stroking the engorged bud. Janet broke the kiss, keeping her lips a few inches from Sam's as she panted. Her climax was already cresting; it was so close. She squeezed her eyes closed and turned her head to one side, pressing her lips together as she slowed the movement of her hips. Sam pressed her lips to her lover's throat, tasting her pulse, and whispered, "Jannnnet..."

"Sam..." Janet replied, her voice cracking on the vowel. She gasped and her body tensed, her lower body quaking as she came. She rested both hands on Sam's shoulders, pulling the other woman in for another kiss, and continued to whisper the blonde's name as if it was a holy mantra. Her body finally stilled and she went limp, collapsing on top of Sam.

The blonde kissed her friend's forehead and slid out from underneath her, raising herself onto her elbow and looking down at the brunette's exhausted form. Slowly, Sam brought her own hand to her lips and sucked her index finger into her mouth. Janet watched, her attention fully on the digit sliding in and out of Sam's mouth. Once it was sufficiently wettened, Sam brought her hand down, circling it over her pink nipple, dipping into her navel and finally ending between her legs. Biting her bottom lip, she lowered herself into a prone position, looking up at Janet before she dipped her finger inside of herself with a low moan.

Sam's eyes wandered over Janet's nude body, the visual examination quickly followed by the blonde's free hand, mapping out territories that she had only dreamt about. She cupped, fondled, examined, probed and massaged every inch of flesh she could get her hands on, as if attempting to memorize the texture and warmth of the body laying next to her in bed.

Her hands traveled the entire length of Janet's body, occasionally eliciting a startled gasp when she squeezed a particularly sensitive area. With her free hand, Sam was manipulating herself as she finally lived out her fantasies... Janet could tell that the blonde was working furiously to push herself over the edge and smiled down at her. This was Sam's dream; the moment she had wanted for years.

After two or three passes of Sam's electric fingers, Janet lifted herself onto her knees and knelt in front of Sam, covering the blonde's hand with her own. Sam gasped as they began to move in harmony. Janet felt her fingers dip into the blonde's warm wetness and bit her bottom lip, leaning forward and kissing her friend's chin. Sam tilted her head down and caught Janet's lips.

They kissed passionately, their bodies writhing against each other until Sam began to gasp. Janet leaned back, keeping her hand in place until she felt a warm flow over her fingers. She looked down for a moment, then up at Sam's face. The blonde's eyebrows were tilted up, her brow furrowed and her bottom lip quaking. At first, her eyes were squeezed shut, but as the wave subsided, they flew open and began trying to focus on something... anything.

She locked onto Janet and she pulled the brunette forward, kissing her hungrily. They fell against the mattress together, a jumble of arms and legs. Sam giggled and kissed Janet's cheek, reaching down to snag the blankets. The quilt was stubborn, caught on something or another, but it finally came loose and she wrapped the warm cover around both of their nude, sweaty bodies. Showers could wait until morning... now was the time for snuggling.

In the aftermath, Janet looked up at the ceiling and took stock of where she was at that moment. She was tangled in Sam's blankets, her head pillowed on the blonde's shoulder. She could feel the heat of Sam's body against her side, could feel her heart pounding in her chest as it tried to find a normal rhythm.

Janet trailed her fingers along Sam's abdomen and listened to the sounds of the outside world; it had apparently started again sometime earlier. A train whistle blew somewhere. She heard a dog barking and the subsequent command from the owner to 'shaddup!' A car sped down the street, the brakes squealing at the stop sign. The air conditioner of Sam's house clicked on and Janet immediately felt a cool gust of wind blowing across her feet. She bent her knees and caught the quilt between her heels, pulling it down and protecting herself from the cold breeze.

She kissed the spot of Sam's body that just happened to be under her lips - her shoulder, it happened - and snuggled closer. She smiled and shook her head. To think that she had doubted showing up. Perish the thought.


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