Author: Janine
Genre: Popular Pairing: Brooke/Sam Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I don't own any of these characters, they're the property of Ryan Murphy and company (sorry, but I don't know companies name); I'm just borrowing them for a short period of time.
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Sam swirled her spoon around in her mashed potatoes restlessly as Mike droned on about something or other around her. It wasn't that she didn't like Mike, the truth was that she had actually developed a sort of affection for the man's bumbling kindness as the months wore on and she finally accepted that he wasn't going anywhere in a hurry. It wasn't even that what he was talking about was particularly boring - at least not anymore than usual - it was just that she had been finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on anything for an extended period of time. And whether it was fair or not Sam blamed it all on the wispy haired blonde girl sitting directly across from her.

Slowly Sam raised her head and looked across the table towards Brooke. The cheerleader's eyes were crinkled slightly at the sides as she smiled radiantly at something her father had said. As Sam carefully studied Brooke's expression she suddenly realized that she wished she had been paying attention, or even better that she were sitting where Mike was now. As Sam continued to watch Brooke dropped her head down shaking it with mock disapproval before turning around to face Sam who quickly returned her eyes to the food in front of her.

Brooke watched as Sam's attention conspicuously returned to her plate. She wanted to watch the brunette for a while longer, maybe figure out what was going on in the beautiful head of hers, but before she could get completely lost contemplating the mystery that was Sam McPherson she heard Jane ask her something and turned her attention to the other woman, forcing a smile and a look of interest onto her face.


Sam hovered outside of Brooke's partially open door debating with herself about whether she wanted to go in or not. For a while it had been painfully obvious that she had more than sisterly feelings for Brooke, but things got really complicated when Sam got Brooke giving her the same not so covert looks that she herself had been bestowing upon the cheerleader. Or at least she thought she had got Brooke giving her the same looks, quite frankly she wasn't sure that she could rule out wishful thinking, which was why she was pacing outside of Brooke's room instead of just knocking and walking in.

"How much longer are you planning on standing out there?"

Sam looked up sharply at the sound of Brooke's voice and towards the blonde's room.

"You're not hearing things, I just didn't feel like getting up," Brooke called out again from somewhere in the depths of her room.

Sam stood there for a moment longer staring at Brooke's eggshell white door before taking a few steps forward and awkwardly pushing the door completely open. Brooke was sitting on her bed with a few schoolbooks spread out in front of her. She was wearing, at least from what Sam could see, extremely short shorts and a flimsy tank top.

"You can come in you know," Brooke said a gentle smile working it's way across her face. "I haven't bitten since third grade."

"Yeah, well the last person you bit was probably me, so you'll have to excuse my trepidation," Sam responded nonetheless walking further into the room "What are you working on anyway?"

"Calcuology," Brooke responded waving her hand over the contents of her bed dismissively before looking over at Sam inquisitively. Then after watching the brunette for a moment longer she smiled and with one brush of her hand wiped her books off of the bed onto the floor. "I made a space for you."

Sam watched Brooke carefully for a moment; the blonde's face was warm and inviting but otherwise unreadable. She could as well have just said that she liked fluffy rabbits for all Sam was able to get from her.

"Six months ago you would have tossed one of those at me," Sam said perching herself on the edge of Brooke's bed.

"Maybe, but there would have been no reason for you to worry. I throw like a girl," Brooke said as she tucked her legs up underneath her making herself more comfortable. "If you're staying for a while you could as well get comfortable."

Sam nodded absently pushing herself back onto Brooke's bed so that she was sitting along the width of it near the bottom. After she had positioned herself she played around tucking her legs up so that her head could practically rest on her knees, then stretching out so that she was practically lying down, before finally settling on leaning on her side facing Brooke while her head was propped on her hand.

"What?" Sam asked somewhat peevishly seeing Brooke smirking at her once she settled herself.

"That was cute, I think I saw the exact same moves in a Britney Spears video," Brooke responded smiling. A smile, which quickly vanished when she saw that Sam didn't find the comment nearly as funny as she did. "So what brings you by to my neck of the woods? If you want to borrow my car again, my answer still remains ass, gas or grass," she continued ending off with a wink.

"What are we doing?" Sam asked. She was certain now that Brooke had been looking at her differently than before, and she definitely detected that the cheerleader was now subtly flirting with her.

"Talking, or at least hopefully will be. It would be horribly awkward otherwise," Brooke responded staring Sam straight in the eye as she spoke but dropping her gaze to her lap after she finished.

"How's the calcuology coming?"

"The calcu is going not coming, and the ology is palpitating and near heart failure," Brooke responded glaring at the books on her floor darkly before turning back to face Sam. "You didn't, by any chance, come by to do my homework did you?"

"Not quite," Sam said smiling. "Truthfully I'm not sure why I…"

"Was loitering?" Brooke interjected helpfully.

"Standing out there. I guess…I don't know, maybe I just wanted to see you…or something," Sam continued, her head dipped down nervously as she looked up at Brooke furtively every few seconds.

Brooke observed Sam, bowed head and all, for a few moments before responding in a low voice. "I'm glad you stopped by. I like it…you know when we talk, and stuff."

"Thing's have changed recently, haven't they?" Sam asked looking up at Brooke as she spoke, staring directly into the blonde's blue eyes. "Between us," she added rather unnecessarily.

Brooke held Sam's gaze, unconsciously licking her lips. "Yeah, I think they have. We're closer now…I mean it's like we know each other now."

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "I like the person I've gotten to know, you know the girl behind the pleated mini," she added with a smile.

"Really? Highlights and all?" Brooke asked returning Sam's tentative grin.

"Yeah, a lot," Sam responded her cheeks reddening slightly. "The liking you, not the highlights, not that I don't like your highlights, just that I like you more than your hair, though not really independent of it, and I'm going to stop talking now before I make an even bigger fool of myself."

"It's just me," Brooke said with a smile reaching over to poke Sam in the shoulder lightly before settling back in her old position. "Actually I feel kind of privileged."

"Privileged?" Sam asked looking at her dubiously.

"Yeah, how many people get to see so many of Sam McPherson's many faces?" Brooke replied her eyes drifting around her room. "I feel, I mean it's cool that we're cool with each other," she went on smoothing down her shorts which drew Sam's eyes towards her long, lean, tanned, simply exquisite legs.

"You have amazing legs," Sam breathed out before she even knew what she was saying.

"What?" Brooke asked, her eyes returning to Sam's immediately.

"Nothing," Sam said forcing herself to remain calm. She hadn't said anything truly embarrassing, like I wanna eat lunch off of your ass or something, all she had said that was Brooke had nice legs. That was completely coverable, girls commented on other girls bodies all the time, sure most of them didn't crave to touch said bodies, but the commenting itself was completely normal. "I just said that you have nice legs."

"You think so?" Brooke asked looking down at the appendages in question questioningly.

"Yeah, in fact all of you is pretty fantastic," Sam, said cursing her mouth and the words it was spilling as it spilled them.

"Really?" Brooke asked with genuine doubt as she pointed stared at her chest, which she had always wished had been better endowed.

"Why would I lie?" was Sam's response.

"Because everyone's always told you that flattery will get you everywhere," Brooke responded returning her gaze to Sam's.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Sam asked even though she knew quite well what Brooke had meant.

"You," Brooke started shifting on the bed so that she was practically lying beside Sam. "You have amazing skin. It looks like silk, probably feels like it too," she continued looking up at Sam questioningly yet ambiguously. Sam wasn't sure whether Brooke wanted her to agree or disagree or wanted an invitation to find out for herself.

"See for yourself," Sam responded willing her breathing to remain steady as she lifted up her shirt exposing her stomach to Brooke's gaze and touch.

"Are you serious?" Brooke asked looking at Sam. "I mean, I know that we've kind of been, but it was always just…and, and I don't know, just are you sure?"

Sam merely nodded, never taking her eyes off of Brooke watching as the blonde slowly, hesitantly reached out her hand and placed it on Sam's stomach. She heard Brooke gasp softly as her hand made contact with Sam's skin, and when the blonde slowly started to caress her abdomen with her thumb Sam's eyes closed involuntarily, her mouth parting silently.

"Sam," Brooke said softly as she removed her hand from the brunette. "I really like you. I mean like you. I probably shouldn't…you know, I shouldn't have. I would have told you, but we were having fun and…could you pull your shirt back down?"

"You like me?" Sam breathed out.

"Please Sam, your shirt," Brooke said her eyes glued to Sam's raising and falling stomach.

"Do you want me Brooke?" Sam asked her hand hovering by the hem of her shirt, but not reaching to pull it back down. She couldn't really believe what she was hearing, but at the same time couldn't really be too shocked by it. Maybe the dreams she had been having, both waking and not, and somewhat prepared her for the situation, maybe she just hoped that Brooke felt about her the way she felt about Brooke so badly to in her heart she had started to view it as a when not if. Whatever the reason she found herself staring into the desire covered face of the girl she was quite convinced she was falling in love with, and she was completely calm.

"I…yes, but," Brooke started.

"But what?" Sam asked gently.

"But it's more than that. I like you as a person, and I want to be near you and talk to you as much as…as much as I want to touch you," Brooke replied softly, looking Sam directly in the eyes now that she was fairly certain the brunette wasn't going anywhere.

Sam sat there watching Brooke quietly for a moment, then suddenly as if she were afraid she would lose her nerve quickly leaned forward and brought their lips together, bringing her hand up to the side of Brooke's face to steady her as she deepened the kiss when Brooke didn't pull away.

"I knew it," Brooke whispered as they separated.

"What?" Sam asked staring at Brooke's redder than normal lips in a haze and she thought about making them even redder.

"That you'd be a good kisser," Brooke responded with a smile.


"Because," Brooke began reaching out her hand to touch Sam's face. "You have the most incredible lips that I've ever seen," she continued tracing her thumb across Sam's lips.

"Brooke," Sam mumbled as she tried to capture Brooke's finger with her mouth. "I really want to kiss you again."

"Don't ever say I'm not a good hostess," Brooke responded as she leaned forward bringing their lips together once more.

The End

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