"No Place Like It"

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me; I'm just borrowing them for a short period of time.
Show: Once and Again
Pairing: Jessie/Katie
Rating: PG
Author: Janine
Synopsis: Sequel to "About a Girl"
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Part 6



"I need those papers," Dillon said tersely. "An hour. No, you’ve got an hour. You were supposed to have them last night, I don’t have time for this shit Bill. I’m not a fucking humanitarian, if I’m going down I’m gonna claw viciously at you until you’re bloody, broken carcass is right there beside me … and then I’m going to get mad," she continued waving briefly to Jessie as she the blonde entered her office. "Ten o’clock. I mean it. End," she finished throwing open the door to Jessie’s office and plunking herself down onto on of her chairs.

"You really aren’t a morning person are you?" Jessie asked having caught most of the other woman’s conversation on her way in.

"I’ve made no secret of that," Dillon replied absently, her attention mostly focused on the cup of coffee Jessie had just placed on her desk.

"Touch it and I’ll kill you," Jessie replied seeing the other woman’s look and knowing without a doubt what was going through her mind.

"Fine," Dillon sighed leaning back. "How’s the charity case going?"

"You didn’t tell me she was a friend of yours," Jessie commented, her full attention on Dillon now that she had brought up Katie’s case.

"Why would I have?" Dillon asked, "You knew it had to be a favor."

"You didn’t know did you?" Jessie asked her attention focused on Dillon. The other woman had a tendency to be blasé on the cusp of flippant most of the time, which meant that you had to watch her carefully to get any sort of reading on how she actually felt about something.

"Know what?" Dillon asked looking at Jessie shrewdly.

"Why didn’t you take it? If she’s a friend of yours?" Jessie asked.

"Your docket was clear, and I’m on the Falk case. My dad did me favor by putting this one on tab, but he’s not a saint. Falk would’ve chewed serious ass if I’d dedicated anything less than one hundred percent of my attention to him, so shipped it on over to you," Dillon replied leaning forward. "Why is there a problem?"

"No, it’s just … we know each other," Jessie replied sighing and leaning back herself. "I was just wondering if that’s why I got the case."

"You know each other," the other woman repeated to herself. "No, I didn’t know that," continued her eyes back on Jessie. "That’s right, she’s from Evanston too," she went on. "High School?"

Jessie simply nodded wanting to get the subject off of Katie now. Dillon was starting to dig and she didn’t want to talk about it. She’d seen the other woman carry out cross-examinations and wanted to avoid being on the other end of one if it was at all possible.

"You were friends," Dillon continued when Jessie didn’t verbally reply. "That’s obvious because you assumed that I may have given the case to you because Katie could have mentioned you. What isn’t obvious is why…" she continued only to be interrupted by a beeping sound near her shoulder. "Fox," she said her eyes clouding over as she concentrated on the voice coming through the receiver. "Alright, I’ll be right there. End," she said standing up. "So we’ll continue the inquisition later?" she asked Jessie with a smile as she backed up towards the door.

"Not if I can manage to avoid you," Jessie replied not bothering to look over at her. "As usual."

"You say the sweetest things," Dillon murmured and then she was gone.

Jessie let out a relieved sigh and flicked her briefcase open. She needed to get to work because she wanted to be out of the office by the time Dillon finished whatever it was she had been called off to do. At least that’s what she told herself even though a voice at the back of her head insisted on nagging that possibly she just wanted something legitimate to call Katie about.


Part 7

2002 – Evanston, Illinois


Katie felt the button to her jeans pop loose then Jessie’s hands on her hips slipping underneath to guide the material down. She didn’t know how Jessie planned to get them off or even if she planned to get them off with the position they were in, but she decided to let Jessie worry about that as she lifted her lips from where they had been attached to Jessie’s neck up to her lips, kissing her as she felt Jessie struggle with the material.

"Fucking jeans," Jessie muttered bitterly as she pulled her mouth away from Katie, lowering her eyes to glare at the material in question. "Fucking backseat."

"When did you become such a potty mouth?" Katie asked playfully before raising her head up to look at Jessie’s face, surprised to find tears streaming down her cheeks. "Hey," she said her smile gone now replaced with a look of concern as she reached up to wipe away the tear tracks marring Jessie’s feature.

"We need to switch," Jessie said a moment later, turning her head to the side slightly to break the gaze Katie had initiated as she stroked her face.

"What?" Katie asked still looking down at Jessie concerned. She’d seen Jessie cry tears of happiness before and knew that these weren’t them.

"We should switch positions," Jessie said beginning to struggle, trying to maneuver herself so that she would be propped up over Katie.

"Billie," Katie said softly, placing an ineffective hand on Jessie’s shoulder to try and stop her from moving. "Jessie," she repeated when the girl continued to try and move. "I think we’re just going to have to accept the fact, the movies lie and the backseat is really no place to get some loving."

Jessie sighed, falling back against the seat of the car, Katie was right of course. "Fine, let’s drive somewhere," she said her eyes flickering back up to Katie’s.

"Jessie," Katie started to say, the word drawn out in a protesting manner.

"I need to …" Jessie began to reply knowing where Katie was going with her statement and really, desperately not wanting to hear it.

"Jessie…" Katie started to say again, shaking her head slightly. She knew that her girlfriend was being so adamant about this because she was afraid of …

"I don’t want to lose you."

"I thought we had this talk already?" Katie said focusing on Jessie once more, quirking an eyebrow at her for good measure.

"Don’t," Jessie warned turning her head away from Katie. She really couldn’t deal with her girlfriends inappropriate sense of humor at the moment.

"I’m sorry," Katie a moment later, her head hanging down pathetically as the words came out of her mouth. "I’m sorry," she repeated seriously. She didn’t mean to make inappropriate comments at the worst possible time imaginable it just seemed to happen. Her mother said that used humor as a defensive mechanism, and she was inclined to agree with her, the thing was that didn’t want to or need to be defended from Jessie. "There’s a motel ten minutes away from here."

"It’s not the one your parents went to is it?" Jessie asked smiling up at Katie.

"That could never be a possibility," Katie replied. "And I should note that if you weren’t so incredibly sexy that comment would have totally ruined the moment," she continued making a face.

"Billie," Jessie said softly a moment later drawing Katie’s full attention back to her. "I love you," she continued once she found those sparkling green eyes on her again. And with that she leaned up bringing their lips together tenderly, another tear or two slipping free from behind her eyelids.

"And I love you," Katie replied simply once they pulled apart. "More than air," she went on dropping a quick kiss on Jessie’s lips. "More than summer," she said kissing Jessie again on the cheek. "More than when daylight savings time gives us an extra hour of sleep," she continued kissing Jessie’s nose this time. "More than anything in existence," she finished bringing their lips together once more.


Part 8



"Ms. … Jessie’s on the phone," said Monica’s voice over the intercom startling Katie out of whatever haze she had fallen into. Clicking the caterer’s menu off, she opened the link to the videophone.

"Hey," she said after a running a hand through her hair. A moment later she realized she hadn’t really needed to since the other side of the screen remained blank, Jessie must have been on her cell phone.

"Hey," Jessie replied sounding rather distracted. "I’ve been … I mean I’ve got some information that you might like to hear," she continued before Katie could say anything. "It’s …" she said stopping to let out a weary sigh before continuing. "Listen, how do you feel about lunch?"

"We’re quite comfortable with each other, despite what you may have heard," Katie replied trying not to sound as inordinately happy at hearing the invitation as she was feeling. "What time?"

"How about the Mongolian House in half an hour," Jessie suggested shaking her head at Katie’s first comment. The woman had always had some comment she just had to make, it had amused her endlessly in high school, and it apparently still did because she was smiling.

"I’ll be there," Katie responded immediately. "Drive safe."

"I always have," Jessie replied pointedly but teasingly. "I’ll see you in half an hour then. End."

Katie leaned back in her chair staring at the still empty screen thoughtfully. She could swear that her palms were slightly damp, and her stomach was most definitely tensing. But it was in a good way. It was a good tense and sweaty. It was a Jessie tense and sweaty. She’d felt it when she gave Jessie that Billie Holiday CD in the hallway and Jessie had turned to stare at her with happily surprised shining eyes. She felt it when she told Jessie that she ‘chose’ her and took her hand encouraging her to listen to the rain. She’d felt it that afternoon in the attic when Jessie had whispered that she wanted to keep her letter forever. She’d felt it when Jessie whispered ‘can I?’ that summer afternoon in her bedroom. She’d felt it a million times with Jessie in the past and for the first time since they had broken up she felt it again. And even though the more she thought about the more scared, anxious -- scanxious if you will -- and slightly sick she began to feel, she realized that she wouldn’t have had it any other way.


"…so, basically even though I’m not supposed to do this I’m going to guarantee you that we’ll win," Jessie finished as she picked up glass, her eyes flickering over to Katie. "Did you hear a word I just said?" Jessie asked noticing the other woman’s unfocused expression.

"You think the Yankees are going to win," Katie replied crossing her mental fingers.

"That’s most defiantly not what I said," Jessie replied leaning against the back of her chair and crossing her arms. "I’m not repeating that whole conversation," she continued noting Katie’s chastised expression.

"Why don’t you just give me the gist of it?" Katie suggested trying not to smile at the position Jessie had taken up. She’d seen Karen take up the exact same pose dozens of times in the past and she found it amazingly charming that Jessie had unconsciously picked up the same mannerism.

"We’re going to win," Jessie responded rolling her eyes and leaning forward once more her hand grasping the fork that she’d left resting in her bowl.

"Where’d you get that scar?" Katie asked her attention focused on Jessie’s hand. On the back of her right hand was a pale, half moon shaped scar that she’d never seen before.

"What scar?" Jessie asked curiously, looking over at Katie who merely nodded her head towards her hand. Jessie let go of her fork, and turned her hand around so that she could see the whole thing, her eyes finally landing on the mark in question. "Humph," she exhaled her left index finger migrating over to her right hand to trace the line of the scar. "I…" she started to say uncertainly, trying to track down the memory. "Oh yeah, I was helping Grace and Eli move into their prize deathtrap, I mean ‘fix her upper’," she continued rolling her eyes in memory of the suburban spread the couple had bought. "My hand caught on a nail that was sticking out of one of the walls."

Katie nodded, her eyes never leaving Jessie’s.

"It’s not really an interesting story," Jessie said a moment later, not really sure what to make of the fact that Katie had asked her about a barely visible scar, let alone the fact that she actually seemed interested in the answer.

"I think it is," Katie replied finally releasing Jessie from her gaze, her hand picking up her napkin and playing with it distractedly.

"Why?" Jessie asked watching Katie’s movement and finding them oddly soothing.

"Because it’s about you," Katie replied quietly, but more than loudly enough for Jessie to clearly make her out.

"Oh," Jessie responded, her eyes dropping to the tabletop.

"I’ve got a scar on my wrist," Katie said resting her arm on the table and turning it around to the underside so that Jessie could see. Just below where her thumb muscle there was a slight discolouration and crinkling of her skin.

"What happened?" Jessie asked reigning in the urge to reach over and trace Katie’s scar as she had done with her own.

"Tar," Katie replied, smiling as Jessie looked up at her questioningly. "I was working on a piece that I was using hot tar for, and this mouse ran across the floor and scared the shit out of me. The ladle I’d been holding kind of jerked up and tar went flying into the air, some landed on my wrist," she explained shaking her head. "It was strange, because I let it sit there for a second before I tried to get it off of me. I remember just looking at it thinking that it should hurt and wondering why it wasn’t before the painful burning sensation set in and I did my best imitation of a chicken with its head cut off."

Jessie smiled. "I’m sorry."

"No you’re not," Katie replied returning the smile. "You’re thinking ‘what an idiot, she got exactly what she deserved’," Katie continued watching Jessie closely. "And you find the mental image my description brought up highly amusing."

Jessie smile slowly faded at that, her expression turning thoughtful. "Pretty much," she conceded considering Katie carefully. The other woman was still able to read her like a book, and she knew from their previous meeting that she was still able to read Katie pretty well herself. It seemed strange to her that after all this time and as much as they had changed, that they should be able to still know each other. "How’d you know?" Jessie asked a moment later.

"Same way I knew I could ask you if you felt like you fit anywhere in the school," Katie responded her expression now reflective as well. "I mean, it’s pretty much always been like that between us hasn’t it?" she continued. Her statement may have been vague, but she knew that Jessie would know what she was talking about. Ever since they had met they had seemed to just understand things about the other, just knew how to interpret comments and gestures correctly, they were just able to read what was in each other’s eyes.

"Um…knowing," Jessie responded with a soft smile.

"I, ah, have wanted to ask you something, for going on twelve years now though," Katie said watching as Jessie looked over at her.

"What?" Jessie asked curious about what Katie could have possibly kept quiet about for twelve minutes let alone twelve years. Self-restraint had never been her former-girlfriends claim to fame.

"Were you really surprised? When you read my letter?" she asked, her eyes focused on her fidgeting hands. Jessie’s reaction to the letter had always confused her, especially considering what had happened later in the attic, considering the fact that she had liked her back. She felt a connection with Jessie instantly, as she had listened to her belt out that song on stage in the auditorium, and while throughout the weeks there had been looks and touches that she could have classified as meaning more, she had never wanted to because she hadn’t thought that she could have taken it if she was wrong, and Jessie had turned away from her. But that day, when they had snuck out of school and escaped away to Jessie’s bedroom, as they lay there on the bed Katie had undeniably felt something, a two way something. And to this day, she was certain that if Lily hadn’t walked in on them she would’ve kissed Jessie, and that Jessie would’ve let her. Which was why the blonde’s reaction to the letter had always confused her.

"Yeah," Jessie responded shaking her head. "Although I guess I shouldn’t have been. I probably wouldn’t have been in a few more weeks if Grace had just kept her mouth shut but…"

"Grace?" Katie asked. "She read the letter?" she continued thinking that she really should have folded it a couple more times or something.

"No," Jessie said shaking her head. "She … we were talking about the GSA and she was going on about how people she thought should join probably wouldn’t. Like your friend, Katie, she said," Jessie continued shaking her head in embarrassment as she went along. "What, I demanded stupidly, cause you see I was shocked. ‘Well she’s gay,’ she responded like I’d asked her to pass the salt. What, I demanded again. I was still shocked you see," Jessie went on not daring to look over at Katie. "Anyway, to make a long and embarrassing story short, I’d never considered the possibility. I mean I knew how I felt about you was different, but I really never even thought about possibly, hypothetically thinking about the possibility that it could be possible for me to maybe having classified these feelings as somewhere in the vicinity of romantic."

"I see," Katie responded quietly.

"But the more I read your letter, the more it all started to make sense," Jessie continued oblivious to Katie’s quiet interjection of support. "It’s just … you know I remain confident that if we’d had a few more incidences like the time Lily caught us skipping, I would have figured it out. But, yeah, I mean I was actually surprised by the letter. In a good way."

Katie smiled over at her, and then they lapsed into silence for a moment before she finally spoke. "Do you like ballet?"

"What?" Jessie asked thinking to herself that she had finally located where she had picked up the propensity to abruptly change topics with no warning whatsoever.

"I’ve got tickets for Thursday night," Katie started shifting in her seat. "That was my subtle way of asking if you wanted to come. With me … that is," she continued mentally rolling her eyes at her stupidity. She’d asked dozens of women out on dates before and managed to remain unflustered yet, now after a decade of practice she was getting all stutter-y about it.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Jessie asked looking over at the flustered other woman.

"Badly, but yes," Katie replied finally raising her eyes up to look at Jessie.

"Who was the other ticket for?" Jessie asked once Katie’s eyes had met hers.

Katie blinked in surprise. She certainly hadn’t been expecting that one.

"They were a gallery warming gift," she said finally. "I was thinking about putting an ad out for an escort, but then you came along and I figured that I’d rather just pay for dinner," she continued wincing internally as Jessie simply stared at her in response. Smooth, Singer, insinuate she slightly better than a whore, that’ll win her over. "I mean the other ticket wasn’t for anyone. I wasn’t even going to go. But then of all the galleries, in all the world you had to walk into mine and suddenly the ballet isn’t looking so bad if you’re sitting next to me," she finished looking over at Jessie, her eyes pleading for forgiveness.

Jessie sighed and turned her head away. "If you break my heart I’ll kill you," she said softly as she turned her head back around to look at Katie.

"If I break your heart you won’t have to," the other woman replied with the utmost seriousness.

"How does one dress for the ballet?" Jessie asked breaking their gaze, feeling somewhat more at ease now that she had settled herself to the idea of exploring whatever it was that there was between them even if it left it broken and bitter with an irrational longing for more than three cats.

"Spiffily," Katie replied.

"Is that even a real word?" Jessie asked looking over at her, a small smile appearing on her face.

"It is," Katie declared proudly. "I looked it up."

"I can’t believe I’m going to the ballet with someone who looked ‘spiffily’ up in the dictionary," Jessie responded shaking her head. Katie Singer, she thought to herself. God, she had missed this woman.


Part 9

2003 – Katie’s Dorm Room


"Seriously," Katie half yelled, half laughed. "Get out of here!" she continued pushing the lump of human lying on top of her off. "Ugh!" she grunted feeling another body land on top of her. "How did you interpret ‘get out of here’ to mean ‘come on everyone join in?’" she asked testily pushing on the bodies covering her. "Seriously, this is long distance."

"Long distance?" Bob asked his eyes popping out of his head feigning amazement. "J, did you hear that? It’s long distance!"

"No," Julia gasped bringing her hand to her mouth. "Long distance?"

"Long distance," Bob confirmed seriously.

"Get out!" Katie screeched throwing her pillow at them.

"I live here," Julia pointed out.

"Which’ll make it so much easier for me to get back at you if you don’t leave," Katie responded smiling at her.

"Fine. We’re gone, we’re gone," Julia responded ushering Bob out of the room and closing the door.

"Who was that?" Jessie asked when she heard Katie exhale into the receiver.

"Bob and Julia," she responded smiling at the thought of the two of them as annoying as they were. "She’s my roommate, and he’s some random guy that was opening all of the girls doors trying to catch us naked, then going ‘you’re not Jessica’ to make us think that he was actually looking for someone," she continued.

"That’s…pervy," Jessie replied letting her head drop down onto her pillow. Katie sounded happy, she was glad that Katie sounded happy, even if she was happy without her.

"Pretty much, we’ve decided to lock the door at night, a missed kegger or two is worth keeping the place and anti-bob zone," Katie responded flipping onto her back and staring up at the ceiling happily. "It’s good to hear your voice."

"You sound like you’ve been having a good time," Jessie commented playing with the bottom of the material of her shirt.

"It’s been wild," Katie agreed. "The moment I stepped out of the van, you know from the airport, this crazy bald headed guy came running up to me yelling and pointing in like three different directions at once, and then things started to get weird. I feel like I haven’t had a chance to breath," she continued shaking her head at the memory. Everything was like a blur. "And everyone’s so British. Billie, we had tea. In a tearoom!" she exclaimed.

Jessie laughed, Katie’s excitement drawing her in making her genuinely excited too. "Earle Grey?" she asked.

"I have no idea," Katie replied. "If it’s not Red Rose, I’m totally lost," she went on shaking her head.

"What’s your roommate like?" Jessie asked, picturing some tall, tanned model looking thing ready to pounce on her sweet, oblivious girlfriend. She already hated the girl.

"She seems cool enough. She’s from Scotland so she sounds like a Fisherman’s Friend commercial, but it’s cool. She knows where all the nearby art galleries and stuff are and said she’d show me around," Katie replied staring down towards the foot of her bed. The wall of her closet was right by the foot of her bed so she’d tacked up a blown up picture of Jessie smiling on a swing set that she’d taken. "You know what she says?" Katie asked a moment later staring at the picture.

"What?" Jessie asked with a touch of trepidation, she really didn’t want Katie to already be telling her what some other chick ‘says’. She really didn’t.

"She says you’re hot," Katie related wickedly as she smiled.

"What?" Jessie asked laughing at Katie’s tone.

"When she saw the gigantic, humungous, gargantuan picture of you if have tacked to my wall and she asked who the hottie was," Katie replied proudly. "She says I’m very lucky to have you. She stressed the very, a lot though. Do you think that’s just how they do it in Scotland, or was she hinting at something?"

"You didn’t get nervous and tell her that baby story did you?" Jessie asked knowingly.

"Maybe. So what? That’s a good story," Katie replied not liking Jessie’s tone.

"Sure it is," Jessie replied, thinking about the story and that Julia was right. Katie was lucky to have her; she was the only person in like the entire world who found that story amusing.

"I know what that ‘sure it is’ means," Katie said playfully. "I wish you could see this place Billie, it’s amazing. There’s this great old building on the West side of campus, and we snuck up on the roof, and the whole time we were up there, I was just thinking how perfect it would be up there at night. Me, you and Billie Holiday."

"It sounds amazing," Jessie said thinking that the most amazing thing that had happened at Sinclair in the past week was that the lockers on the bottom floor got repainted. "So have you seen Bill yet?" she asked needing to change the topic.

"No, but I’ll be sure to call him that if we ever run into each other. I’m sure he’ll find it charming," Katie replied laughing. "You know how you thought Evanston was small? Well you should see this place, I swear the whole town only has like 16,000 people even though everyone keeps telling me it’s a ‘city’," she continued shaking her head at the memories of the Scots getting their panties in a twist over it. "In like two weeks I’ll probably know everyone. I swear I’ve been to baseball games with more people."

"I see you and hyperbole have become close friends since your move," Jessie commented, her eyes closing.

"Become?" Katie asked jokingly.

"Shut up," Jessie responded smiling though it faded almost as soon as it appeared. "It’s so weird, you haven’t been gone 48 hours and I feel like I haven’t seen in forever."

"Plus one," Katie joked though her tone was serious. "I know. It’s like it’s real now."

"Yeah," Jessie said her mind racing back to everything she had heard since she had picked up the phone. Katie talking about her flight, and the van ride, and the Inn her parents were staying at, and her new friends, and her new school. She felt like she was missing out on this huge part of Katie’s life and they hadn’t even been separated for a whole week. What would she be missing next week, next month? It hurt her heart to think about all the things they would be experiencing without each other, almost more than she could bear. "I miss you."

"I miss you too Jess," Katie sighed, her eyes drifting back to Jessie’s picture. "I miss you too."


Part 10



Jessie glanced down at her hand, which was being firmly held by Katie’s, as they made their way down the hallway to her apartment. Katie had been distracted by something in the lobby and had missed the elevator arriving and turned around just in time to grasp Jessie’s hand and have the other woman pull her in. After that she hadn’t let go, and Jessie hadn’t said anything about it.

"Well, I suppose this is where I say goodnight and sleep tight," Katie said as they came to a stop in front of a door, regretfully letting go of Jessie’s hand.

"Why don’t you come in," Jessie said keying her code into the small box by the door. "For a nightcap."

"You can mix drinks too?" Katie asked, trying to hide her surprise at actually being invited in. After the first night they had met up, she hadn’t even been sure if her offer to drop Jessie off at her building would’ve been accepted.

"I was thinking more along the lines of coffee," Jessie said with a smile as she stepped inside. "Welcome to my humble abode."

"It’s certainly a nice abode," Katie said as Jessie called for the lights. "But not so much humble," she continued handing her coat to Jessie. "You’ve got a lovely home."

"Thanks," Jessie said, pleased that Katie was pleased. "Give me a minute to put a pot on and I’ll give you the tour."

"Done," Katie said walking into the living room.


Jessie leaned forward slowly closing the distance between them before bringing their lips together, her eyes fluttering closed at the first contact of their lips. She remembered these lips, their taste, their feel, and she got a reminder in the miraculous power they had to turn her entire body into a pile of gelatinous mush as Katie leaned forward increasing the contact the between, drawing Jessie onto her lap.

Jessie moaned slightly, her hands coming to rest at the side of Katie’s face, holding her head steady as she deepened the kiss, pressing forward as she felt Katie’s hands come to rest on her waist.

"You should go," Jessie said when the need for oxygen finally pulled them apart.

"But you," Katie started to say looking more than a little confused.

"I know," Jessie replied slipping back onto the couch. "But still."

"Okay," Katie said looking as confused as ever but standing up to go nonetheless.

"Katie," Jessie said standing up along with her, carefully studying the other woman.

"Yes," Katie replied tentatively, having lost the grip she had on whatever was happening tonight, and not wanting to screw up any progress they may have made.

"Why do you put up with my shit?" Jessie asked her tone slightly awed.

"I’m afraid that you’ve lost me," Katie commented. "That wasn’t Irish coffee was it?"

"With my reaction to the letter, and to going to the dance, and to Sarah, and you going overseas, and…" Jessie said rambling off incidents were her behavior had been confounding to her, and even more so for Katie, but which the other woman had just accepted in stride, most of the time not even batting an eyelash at her nonsensical reactions.

"I get it," Katie said halting the trail of words coming out of her mouth. "And the answer, cheesy as it may sound, is because you’re worth it. I mean I know I have my own personality quirks," she continued, quickly adding, "and please don’t take that as an opportunity to list them all. So, even though I sometimes found, find, your behavior incomprehensible," she went on smiling a bit, "I’m really okay with it."

Jessie stepped forward, her eyes holding Katie’s as she closed the distance between them, and then she brought their lips together once more, gently exploring Katie’s mouth, with a tender leisureliness she hadn’t experienced since high school.

"I’m going," Katie said when they pulled part. "I’m going. Will I see you tomorrow?" she asked hovering by the door.

"You didn’t check your mail before we left did you?" Jessie asked smiling. She was in the know about something.

"No," Katie responded wondering what Jessie was in the know about.

"Well, then whether you see me or not is entirely up to you," she replied. "Drive…"

"Safely, I know," Katie replied. "You’re worse than my mother," and with that she was gone.

Jessie sighed shaking her head thinking that the situation was even more complicated than it was in high school and not knowing how that could be at all possible considering the den of complexity their relationship had been back then. Then she smiled, because she was never so happy to have absolutely no idea what was going on.


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