Afterword by Paula

Title: Afterword
Author: Paula
Obligatory Disclaimers: Characters of Kerry and Sandy owned by NBC/Warner Bros.
Spoilers: Season 8 Kerry/Sandy eps, particulary Bygones
Pairing: Kerry/Sandy
Rating: R
Notes: This story picks up at the last K/S scene in Bygones.

She listened to herself ramble on, joking sarcasm turned into idiotic babbling, her brain latching onto Kerry's offer to talk about the fire, stunned as much by the poignant mix of vulnerability and desire on Kerry's face as the soft, sweet kiss Kerry just placed on her mouth. Kerry's emotional walls were higher than her own, and they were both just beginning to lower their defenses when the relationship ended. Badly. Before the stunned firefighter could ponder further, Kerry kissed her again, pulling her close. Sandy, the first stirrings of desire unwinding in her belly, placed her arms around Kerry's shoulders and met the warm mouth of her former lover. Kerry responded by wrapping her arms more tightly around Sandy's body, gently kissing her cheek, and turning her face into a wool-clad shoulder. Sandy returned the hug, holding Kerry close, and stroking the silky red hair.


The doctor pulled back but kept contact with Sandy's body. "I'm sorry I..."

 "I know," Kerry put a hand on Sandy's face, watching the expressive hazel eyes. Sandy had such beautiful eyes; Kerry remembered flushing under their appreciative gaze that day in the suture room. "Come on. I'll fix you something to eat."

Sandy smiled at Kerry, "OK. Did you drive?"

"No, I took the El."

"Looks like I'm at your mercy then," Sandy replied softly, pointing at her keys still held in Kerry's hand. The raw emotion present on Kerry's face earlier was muted, but still potent enough to bring a rush of tenderness that mixed with Sandy's earlier desire.

"Yes, you are," came the throaty response as the doctor slid her palm down Sandy's coat sleeve to caress her hand before turning to open the car door.

* * * * * *

"Oh, hell," muttered Kerry as they stepped into the house. The lights revealed the dining room table covered with papers, scattered journals and unopened mail. "Well, I guess we could eat at the coffee table"

Sandy laughed, "Speaking of food, what are we having?"

"I thought we could, I'm out of that. Well, how about...." Kerry flushed and sighed, "Damnit, I've been meaning to get to the store."

"So you were just teasing me with the promise of food?" Sandy replied, still chuckling.

Kerry shook her head, beginning to laugh herself, "No, I know better than that now." She turned to Sandy and offered a small shrug before saying quietly, "I wasn't ready for you to go home."

Sandy dropped her head before meeting Kerry's eyes with a soft, "Oh, Kerry." She stepped closer to the older woman and wrapped her in a bear hug. In a voice thick with unshed tears, Sandy whispered, "God, I'm sorry, Kerry. I should have called. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just frustrated and..."

Kerry stroked Sandy's back. "I know. I know. At the hockey game, I didn't mean to..." Kerry lifted her head from Sandy's shoulder and placed her hands carefully on Sandy's face. "I'm not ashamed of you, and I'm sorry if I made you feel that I was."

Sandy placed her hands on top of Kerry's and grasped them tightly, "I didn't know you were in the closet, Kerry. You seemed so confident and I..."

Kerry stated firmly, "Sandy, you did me a favor." Smiling thoughtfully, she continued, "In fact, if anything, most of my employees seem more respectful now that their battle-axe of a boss has been kissed by a gorgeous woman. Even Romano's no worse than before. As for Frank...." She sighed and then grinned, "I can handle Frank."

Sandy chuckled. "I'm sure you can." Her expression grew serious for a moment, "I'm glad you found me tonight. I've missed you." She leaned in to taste Kerry's lips. Kerry opened her mouth under the gentle pressure, returning the kiss until Sandy pulled away to rest her forehead against Kerry's. "Now, what's for dinner?" she remarked, grinning.

"I'll give you dinner, woman!" Kerry growled playfully, pinching Sandy's waist

"Ow! Hey! Just kidding!" Sandy laughed and grabbed Kerry, lifting her off the floor and kissing her loudly on the cheek.

"How does pasta with a little olive oil, basil and some tomatoes sound, you little smartass?" Kerry replied, laughing and a little breathless.

Sandy closed her eyes and moaned, "Mmmmm, olive oil and pasta. I'll boil the water."

The two women ate at the coffee table in front of Kerry's fireplace. After dinner Sandy pushed the table out of the way so they could stretch out on the thick Oriental rug. Sandy leaned back against the sofa, legs stretched out, one hand massaging Kerry's calf muscle. Lying on her back, fingers laced behind her head, Kerry watched the light from the gas logs play over Sandy's somnolent features, her full lips curved into a half-smile. "Do I need to put you to bed, sweetheart?" Kerry teased.

"Maybe you should. How about a good night kiss?" Sandy replied, her voice low and husky. She stretched out a hand and pulled Kerry to a sitting position.

Placing her hands on Sandy's hips, Kerry leaned to whisper in her ear, "The olive oil makes your lips shine." Leaning back, she brushed a thumb over Sandy's mouth.

Sandy closed her eyes. The beer she drank earlier, the pasta, and the physical and emotional stress of the day had taken their toll. She knew she should leave. But she had missed Kerry. They hadn't been dating long, no "I love you's" had been exchanged, but she found herself thinking of Kerry often. The redhead was a compelling combination of strength and vulnerability. And sexy to boot. Very sexy. Sandy felt Kerry clasp her wrist, and slowly push her sleeve up to the elbow. Warm fingers pulled her wrist up, and all thoughts of leaving vanished as Sandy watched Kerry's tongue trace the prominent edge of muscle in her forearm. Kerry licked her way up to Sandy's wrist and stopped, her green eyes fixed on Sandy's hazel ones. Waiting.

In one lithe, graceful movement Sandy removed her wrist from Kerry's grasp and stood. Kerry, eyes dark with emotion, remained on the floor. Watching. Sandy removed the clip from her hair. She pulled the snug maroon sweater over her head. She slowly took off the rest of her clothes; Kerry's eyes remained fixed on her face. Sandy held out her hands and pulled Kerry to her feet. The look of concentration and desire present on the redhead's flushed face was fast shredding Sandy's restraint. Kerry removed her hands from Sandy's grasp, standing scant inches away from the nude woman. She reached down to pull off her own sweater, felt Sandy's hands on her wrists and heard a hoarse, "Let me." Sandy pulled off the sweater and stepped closer to Kerry, still not touching her. Placing her hands on Kerry's back, Sandy unhooked the bra and stepped back to let it drop. Smiling now, Kerry bent to remove the rest of her clothing. Standing back up, she said with a soft growl, "How about that good night kiss?"

Gasping when Sandy's dark, heated skin pressed against her, Kerry captured the full lips that she had been watching all evening. Sandy groaned low in her throat, and they began a long slow dance of lips and tongues. Kerry wrapped her arms around Sandy's warm body, running her hands down the younger woman's spine and back up again to tangle in her thick, curly hair. She loved that they were the same height; even standing up their breasts and hips were perfectly aligned. Sandy bent to bite gently at Kerry's neck and whisper, "Bedroom?"

Kerry pulled back with a wicked gleam in her eye. "No," she replied and pulled Sandy back down to the floor. "I like watching the firelight on your skin." Kerry pressed a hand to Sandy's chest, pushing her gently down on the thick rug.

"But, Kerry..."

"Just lie back," came the murmured response. Kerry sat beside Sandy's prone body and placed one hand on her breastbone and one on her belly. The small still hands stopped Sandy's struggling, but the feral look in Kerry's eyes did nothing to calm her surging libido. She felt Kerry drop a kiss on her sternum. Warm hands moved to push her inner thighs gently apart. Sandy opened her mouth to beg, protest, moan--she wasn't sure which-- but Kerry's long sucking stroke through her wet folds took her breath away. Sandy stretched her arms over her head and pushed her hips closer to Kerry's mouth, now grateful for the combination of stress and a full stomach that kept her from coming the instant Kerry's mouth touched her. Opening her eyes, she looked down to see the muscles flex under the doctor's pale back. Sandy lifted a hand to caress the smooth, fire-lit skin. Trailing her fingers down Kerry's spine, she slipped a hand between redhead's thighs and massaged the silky wet flesh before sliding her fingers inside Kerry's vagina with a twisting stroke. Kerry sucked Sandy's clitoris into her mouth and let out a groan. The vibrations sent a powerful shockwave rippling through the younger woman's pelvis and forced a scream from her throat.

Trembling, Sandy placed her hands over her face when she felt the sting of tears behind her eyelids. A sensuous smile on her face, Kerry turned to face Sandy, but the smile was quickly replaced with a worried look. Kerry crawled up to curl next to the shaken brunette. Propping herself on one shoulder, she whispered, "Hey," and pulled Sandy's hands from her face, "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Embarrassed, Sandy managed a smile and whispered back, "No. I don't know what.... But I'm fine. Fine." She laughed and hugged Kerry to her chest, "I'm great. Jesus, Kerry." Lifting her head, Sandy brushed the hair from Kerry's eyes and placed her hands on the redhead's face. Soft green eyes met warm hazel ones. "Kerry, I missed you." Sandy paused, unwilling to name the emotion swelling her chest for fear it was too much, too soon. She stroked Kerry's face with her fingertips. "I really missed you."

Kerry's eyes shone and she replied softly, "I know. I missed you too."

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