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Poetry Feelings by Janine

Author: Janine
Disclaimers: I do not own the characters of Helena, Barbara, Dinah, Batman, and Catwoman etc. They are the property of DC comics and I suppose the WB network and the creators of Smallville and Tollin/Robbins (geez, this is beginning to feel like an Oscar speech) etcetera, etcetera. I’m just borrowing them for a short period of time.
Fandom: Birds of Prey (WB)
Rating: R (for language and sexual situations)
Pairing: Helena/Barbara
Summary: A moment of indiscretion … months of indecision … time to make a choice.

| Parts 1-4 | Parts 5 - End |

Poetry Feelings

Part 5


Helena remained where she stood, in front of Barbara’s desk her hand resting on a small package, as she heard the door to the clock tower swoosh open. She could tell from the moment it opened that it was Dinah, probably just arriving home from school. She ran her finger along the package, staring at it knowing there was no need to call out to Dinah, the blonde would come down to bother her soon enough.

"She’s still at school," Dinah said coming up behind Helena, her tone disapproving. She was still mad about the other day. If Helena had been in a better mood she might have found the girl’s protectiveness of Barbara’s well being charming. However, as things stood she just didn’t have enough reserves left to deal with it.

"I know," Helena replied softly turning around, leaning against the desk so that she could languidly look at Dinah, she sighed. "I was just dropping this off."

"What is it?" Dinah asked noticing the small package on the desk for the first time. Some of her anger at Helena was fading now that she’d gotten a good look at the brunette. Her posture was bad, and not in her usual purposeful ‘I’m a rebel’ way, she just seemed exhausted. And the dark bags under her eyes, and her tussled hair only added to the picture.

"A gift," Helena replied lifting up her hand to rub at her eyes. "I’m not good with apologies. Credit though, I’m all over that," she continued cracking a little smile at Dinah, shrugging when the blonde merely looked at her.

"She’s been really upset, and worried," Dinah responded not quite willing to forgive Helena yet for what she had said - and then for disappearing for a two days without a word - even though it looked to her like Helena was beating herself up about it as much as Dinah was. The thing was Barbara had been good to her, had given her a home and taken care of her when everyone else in the entire world had treated her like a freak, and made her feel ashamed of who and what she was. They might only have know each other for a short amount of time, but Dinah cared greatly about the older woman, and would do anything to protect her. Apparently, loyalty was one of her virtues; she’d just never gotten a chance to find out before.

"Listen," Helena said pushing off of the desk. "This angry terrier routine is great, really it is. But what’s going on with me and Barbara, is between me and Barbara," she went on. "You don’t know, so just stay out of it."

"I know more than you think," Dinah replied as Helena brushed by her. "I know if you blow it again, you’re not gonna get another chance," she continued her eyes focused on Helena’s back. Someone had to say it, and well, she was the only other person there.

From the first day she’d arrived she’d sensed something going on between Helena and Barbara, something just below the surface scratching to get out, something that only became more obvious to her on the astral plane inside of Helena’s head. That something was love. And for those first couple of days she had known them the idea that they weren’t a couple hadn’t even entered her mind, the fact that she hadn’t seen any overt displays of affection not concerning her in the least. She’d assumed that Helena always leaning all over Barbara, and the small intimate gestures the bestowed upon each other – like Barbara resting her hand on the small of Helena’s back when emphasizing a point – and their shared glances, was just their way being discreet for her benefit.

And then when ‘Liquid Guy’ had started to make trouble she’d learned about Barbara’s first date with Wade, and had heard Helena flirting with Reese over the transceivers, and had been completely disillusioned. She’d thought that she was just wrong about the vibes she’d been getting from them, or that maybe it was some kind of elaborate rouse. But as the weeks had gone by she’d learned that Barbara really was dating Wade, and Helena was up to who knew what with Reese, and yet they still looked at each for too long, touched each other too much, and generally got on too much like a married couple, for it to actually be nothing.

She just couldn’t figure it out.

But then, after the incident a few days ago, after Helena had left she’d seen Barbara been looking particularly torn up and had gone over to her and squeezed her shoulder in a sign of support. She hadn’t known what was going on really, but that shoulder-squeezing support couldn’t possibly have hurt, but when she had touched the older woman a flood of images and feeling had flooded into her mind from Barbara’s. And she understood.

She knew what the deal was now, and that Helena was screwing up again, even though she genuinely seemed to be trying this time.

"What’s that suppose to mean?" Helena asked rounding on her angrily. "Have you been in my head?" she continued her eyes narrowing into catlike slits.

"No," Dinah said immediately, her hands rising defensively as she stepped back. "I haven’t been in your head I swear. I just … I mean the way you look at each other, it’s pretty obvious," she went on relaxing somewhat as Helena’s eyes returned to normal. It wasn’t really a lie either, she hadn’t been in Helena’s head at all, and she had already pretty much figured it out before the incident with Barbara. It was white, very white, almost translucent really.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about," Helena said averting her eyes from Dinah.

"Yes you do, and that’s the attitude that got you in trouble in the first place," the blonde responded not buying Helena’s act. The more she talked to the brunette and spent time around her, the better she had gotten at understanding her moods and behavior. She’d realized that despite what Helena tried to project she was actually very sensitive, and vulnerable, and when the brunette began to feel that way she’d get all defensive and bitchy to try and hide it. It wasn’t exactly her most charming personality trait, but Dinah understood it. "You still have a chance, if you don’t go all ‘angry, bitter, never was’ on her."

"She’s with Wade," Helena replied sullenly. "They’re going to a Bed and Breakfast. They’re going to pick apples and do the crossword together, and get married and…" she began to rant, her hand raising her face once more to rub at her eyes. Great, she thought to herself, her fingers were wet. She was starting to cry. This stupid kid was making her cry.

"Oh spare me," Dinah interjected halting Helena’s speech even though she was surprised and moved to see the tears forming in Helena’s eyes as she spoke. She didn’t think she had ever seen the brunette cry in the real world. "If that’s what you think, if you’re not even willing to make the attempt, then I hope she and Wade do end up happily ever after, and get married and do crosswords or whatever, because you totally wouldn’t deserve her," Dinah continued shaking her head at Helena. "And I know you can beat me into a paste for saying all of this, but you need to hear it so I’m going to say it anyway. Suck. It. Up. Just. Suck. It. Up."

Helena looked over at Dinah, her head tilting to the side as she bit her lip. "I’m …"

"Scared?" Dinah supplied knowingly.

"She’s never shown this much interest in anyone before, I mean what if she doesn’t want me an …" Helena began, not quite able to get over the Bed and Breakfast thing.

"How long did you expect her to wait for you? At least she knew where he stood," Dinah interjected once again. She couldn’t be sure, but as far as she could figure Helena and Barbara’s kiss/groping session had happened about four months before she’d arrived. Which meant that Helena had had about five months, give or take, to act on her feelings for Barbara – or at least figure them out. But apparently she’d decided that avoidance and snappy repartee would be more conductive and had let it slide. But now that she realized that there was a possibility that other fish might leap into Barbara’s emotional sea she was getting worried that her position would be usurped and her chance would die. And she was right, because there was no way in hell that Barbara could have any idea that Helena wanted to be with her when until the other day Helena hadn’t even really known herself.

Helena sighed. "Have I been dawdling?"

"Just a little," Dinah replied her tone friendlier now that Helena seemed to realize that she was behaving like an idiot.

"I didn’t want to hurt her," Helena continued making her way over to the couch and flopping down onto it.

"You won’t," Dinah replied closing the distance between them some, but not getting too close to Helena. The brunette had a thing about her personal space – with everyone but Barbara – and she didn’t want to ruin their talk by getting to close and creeping Helena out.

"How can you be so sure?" Helena asked with a snort. Sure she’d taken responsibility for her assholeosity and continued therapy even though she hadn’t had to, and she’d searched her soul and found love and all that, but she still wasn’t sure how much she’d actually grown as an individual. She still had her abandonment complex, and daddy issues, and anger issues, and a persecution complex and probably a host of other problems that her therapy sessions hadn’t given cute little names to.

"Because you’re in love with her," Dinah responded simply, looking at Helena like she was a complete tool for not knowing that.

"Love doesn’t always conquer all," Helena replied, her gaze on her shoes. See, there she went again with the issues from her childhood.

"It doesn’t need to," Dinah replied. "She knows you, and loves you, psychosis’s and all. I think she knows that your package isn’t all pretty eyes and nice hair."

"You think I have pretty eyes?" Helena asked looking up at Dinah finally, a smile tugging at her lips.

"Shut up," Dinah responded averting her eyes from Helena’s, a slight blush creeping up to her cheeks. Her little infatuation with Helena had been short-lived, ending around the first time the brunette had tried to kill her, which meant her second day at the clock tower.

Still she did have pretty eyes.

"What else have you been looking at?" Helena asked teasingly. She was clearly able to make out the flush on Dinah’s skin.

"I’m going to my room," Dinah declared knowing that Helena was just going to tease her if she stayed in the room. Harassing her seemed to be one of the brunette’s favorite pastimes. "And you’re still an ass," she added as she heard Helena chuckling behind her.


Part 6


"This new hobby of yours, skulking in the shadows … I’m not really a fan," Barbara said as she entered the apartment. She couldn’t see anyone, but she could feel a presence, Helena. The brunette was somewhere in the room hiding.

"I’m not skulking," Helena replied exiting from the small crevice by the window that she’d tucked herself into. She’d really just been looking out at the city. It was always so beautiful after the sunset.

"I forgot, you like the dark," Barbara said stopping in the middle of her work platform, looking over at Helena. "I didn’t think I’d see you."

"Yeah, about that, I’m sorry," Helena admitted crossing the loft. She’d just had some things she needed to work out in her head before she could see Barbara again. And maybe she’d screwed up again by not calling, but she’d screwed up with the very best intentions, and apparently that’s the best she could do. "Here," she said holding out the small package she’d placed on Barbara’s desk earlier. She’d reclaimed it deciding to give it to the redhead herself after her talk with Dinah. "A token … but I am sorry, about a lot of things."

Barbara reached out for the package grasping it though her gaze never left Helena’s. "You didn’t have to do this," she said carefully watching the brunette.

"I know, I wanted to," Helena replied, smiling a bit. "Open it."

Barbara smiled back at her, unable to help herself, the openness of Helena’s expression charming her despite herself. She supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised, she found it extremely difficult to stay mad at the brunette. Not even when she deserved it.

"Tulips & Chimneys," Barbara breathed out her fingers running across the old cover of the book of poems. "My god, is this …" Barbara continued her words choking in her throat as she looked up at Helena.

"Yeah," Helena responded softly, her eyes tracing Barbara’s delighted features as she gazed at the book in her hands. "1st edition, very rare … procured legally I’d like to add," she continued smiling as Barbara glanced up at her. There were those poetry feelings again, it was kind of comforting.

"Helena, this is too much … I …" Barbara started to say shaking her head as she struggled to find the right words. The gift was perfect, beyond perfect, she had no idea how Helena had managed to get her hands on it, especially legally, and she was amazingly touched by the thought that went into selecting it as a gift, but she didn’t want it out of guilt, as penance.

"I know what you’re thinking … and this isn’t what I’ve been doing for the past two days," Helena responded taking a deep breath. She was about to get all emotional in a moment, it was going to take a lot out of her, and she needed to ready herself. "I’ve had it, for a while … was saving it. For a special occasion, I guess … and I know what you’re thinking. What’s so special about tonight? And there’s an answer to that … I just need to get around to it."

"Get around to what?" Barbara asked looking at Helena. She was shaking. "Helena?" she asked a touch of concern coming into her voice.

"See I was confused before," Helena started to say, allowing Barbara’s hand to rest on her arm for a moment before backing away and starting to pace. "I was like a pebble … I was on the shore, you know, just hanging out, tanning … every once in a while I’d dip my feet in. Figuratively speaking, cause you know, I’m a pebble. And then it was like the tide came in and picked me up, and I’m like this pebble in the middle of the ocean. Which is like, you know, pretty big. And I’m sinking, I’m this little pebble sinking in the huge ocean, and I’m scared as all hell, but then I start to realize that it’s not so bad really. I kind of like the ocean. So I start to think that maybe there’s a reason the tide picked me … out of all the pebbles. That maybe I’m suppose to drown," she finished, her rushing words slowing as she neared the end until they were coming out in a low drawl when she was done, her eyes finally returning to Barbara’s.

"You’re a pebble?" Barbara asked looking at her with genuine confusion. She didn’t have the slightest idea what Helena was talking about but despite that she felt herself tearing up because of emotion in the other woman’s voice. "I don’t understand. Are you a happy pebble?"

Helena looked at her for a moment after that, then let out a derisive burst of laughter before crossing the small distance that separated her and Barbara.

"That didn’t make any sense did it?" she asked contritely.

"When you put it that way … no, not really," Barbara replied, amused because Helena was amused, but having no idea what they were amused about.

"I’m not good with the metaphors and analogies … the whole ‘tell it like it is’ approach to interpersonal relations doesn’t have a chapter on that … I just, yeah," Helena responded rather shakily. "Please don’t be mad."

And with that, before she could talk herself out of it, she bent down slightly and leaned forward bringing her lips to Barbara’s, gently brushing them against the redhead’s.

"You see," she continued softly, pulling away from Barbara a moment later. "You’re the ocean," she went on watching as Barbara’s eyes fluttered open.

Barbara stared at Helena for a long moment after that, her mind racing with thoughts swirling through her brain almost as quickly as her heart was beating. She could still feel the gentle press of Helena’s lips against her own, her nose still tickled by the scent of lotion the brunette used, Helena’s soft voice driving her to distraction. She had convinced herself that this would never happen again, that perhaps it should never happen again. She had finally exorcised the previous memories to the back of her mind and was moving on only for Helena to now drag them out and bring some friends along for the ride.

She blinked and then averted her eyes from the brunette’s intense gaze.

"What is this?" she asked, her eyes focused on some distant corner of the loft. She would admit it she was scared. She loved Helena of that she was no longer in doubt. And she had resigned herself to it being unrequited, or at least unrealized. And that was fine, they said that to love was a grand thing and she was not arrogant enough to demand that it be returned. Helena’s presence in her life was what truly mattered to her. What she wouldn’t be able to withstand would be to have Helena but not entirely, to be in her bed, but not in her heart. That was the truly unbearable thought. And as difficult as it had been that first time they’d kissed, to let go of what it might have led to, there was a part of her that was grateful to Helena for understanding what she needed and that she couldn’t give it to her.

And now there was a second kiss.

But what was the purpose?

Had anything changed accept for her availability?

"I wanna spoon with you," Helena replied quietly, her mouth parting to speak again when Barbara interrupted.

"What?" Barbara interjected.

"I said I wanna …" Helena began.

"I heard you, it’s just … what?" Barbara cut in once more.

"I don’t do that," Helena answered thoughtfully. "I don’t, like, care and stuff. I don’t send flowers, or buy gifts, or ask about people’s day. I couldn’t give a shit about where someone grew up, or how many cats they have. I don’t do poetic imagery," she continued. "Only apparently I do," she went on sounding rather amazed, her eyes focused on Barbara’s, holding the redhead’s gaze. "With you."

"What are you saying?" Barbara asked not even daring to think about what might come out of Helena’s mouth.

"I’m in love with you," Helena replied decisively. "Heart palpitating, bad poetry in love with you," she went on blinking rapidly. She knew she was going to get all emotional. "And I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know if I’m gonna be any good at it, if I’m even capable of being any good at it … but I do love you … and if I could be good at it for anyone I could be good at it for you," she continued stepping towards Barbara and grasping her hand. "I want to spoon with you, and make floral arrangements, and buy you pretty things that make you smile, and say things ‘like Billy did what?’ when you talk about your day. I think I’d even like to learn how to cook," she went on sounding rather pleased and alarmed. "I’m ready to need … and be needed," she continued in a rush, pausing momentarily before looking back over at Barbara, suddenly worried. "If you still … cause, you probably don’t even … Wade probably isn’t emotionally stunted, and now things are gonna be even weirder between us and…"

"Hel," Barbara said reaching out for the brunette, her hand coming to rest on her hip. "Helena," she repeated drawing the other woman’s panicked eyes back to hers. "Just shut up and kiss me," she continued. Her hand was shaking slightly, but her voice was calm. If Helena was willing to risk it, she was too. She had to.

Immediately Helena leaned forward again, bending down to fulfill Barbara’s request. Bracing her hands on the armrests of Barbara’s chair Helena brushed her lips against Barbara’s once again, her tongue sneaking out of her mouth to lick the redhead’s bottom lip before entering Barbara’s mouth when the redhead’s lips parted, her body pressing forward seeking more contact with Barbara’s body.

It was even better than she remembered.


As her right hand slipped underneath Barbara’s shirt and stroked her stomach, the rest of her weight still being supported by her braced left hand, Helena lowered her lips to Barbara’s neck, licking and sucking lightly at the skin she found there, intoxicated by the taste of the other woman, of the feel of Barbara’s hands on her hips and … of a slight clanging in the background.

"It’s probably just a robbery or something," Helena mumbled against Barbara’s neck. "Nothing to worry about," she went on desperately even as Barbara pulled back from her a bit and turned her head to look at the flashing plasma screen monitor to her right.

"That’s strange," Barbara muttered looking at the screen.

"No, it’s not," Helena replied not quite ready to let go of the hope that they could get back to what they were doing before. "Hands up, empty the register pretty routine stuff. I bet the police are already there. It’s all good. Good and completely unexceptional," she went on sighing when Barbara gently removed her arm and headed over to the closest terminal.

"A man was electrocuted in Wellington field," Barbara said feeling Helena come up behind her and wrap her arms around her waist as she hugged the back of the chair, her chin laying on Barbara’s shoulder.

"That’s a shame, but permanent. We should go into the bedroom," Helena replied, her hand starting to sneak under Barbara’s shirt.

"With an attitude like that, you’re not going to get into the bedroom for a long, long time," Barbara replied, her fingers flying over the keyboard as she spoke, a small smile coming onto her face as she heard Helena sigh.

"If I get beat up, I want a massage," Helena said finally straightening up and perching herself on the edge of the desk a respectable distance from Barbara, but close enough that she could see the monitor. "And why is this something for us to investigate?"

"It’s a field," Barbara replied. "On a clear night," she went on. "How does someone get electrocuted in a field on a clear night?"

"Maybe he was dumped there," Helena suggested reasonably. She was still kind of hoping to make it into the bedroom.

"Scorch marks," Barbara replied, "under the body. And I’m betting that there’s going to be a residual electrical disturbance in the ground around the corpse," she went on moving over to the other side of her workstation. "That’s where you come in. With a little help from this," she said handing Helena a plastic hand held device. "If there is, we’ll know that the discharge happened where …" Barbara stopped turning her head to the side hearing the clock tower door slid open, "the body was found."

"What body?" Dinah asked dropping her bag by the door, her eyes already scanning the large screen hanging from the ceiling.

"And where were you?" Barbara asked frowning slightly as she looked at Dinah. She hadn’t even noticed the blonde wasn’t there.

"You didn’t tell her?" Dinah accused turning to look at Helena, her arms folded across her chest crossly.

"Dinah went to the movies with a friend from school, she’ll be back later," Helena replied turning to face Barbara. "There," she added looking back over at Dinah with a big smile.

Dinah glared at her.

"Do I know this friend?" Barbara asked after looking at Helena and shaking her head. The brunette could be a real punk sometimes. Barbara thought it was kind of cute. Helena was lucky to have her.

"Alexa," Dinah responded sounding rather pleased with herself.

"Really?" Barbara asked, actually turning away from the computer for a moment. "Were you able to get a word in?" she asked her mind wandering to consider New Gotham High’s latest transfer student. She’d had her eye on the girl since she’d swept into her classroom. There was just something about her that girl that grabbed her attention. There was something potent under her privileged surface. Something that had apparently been interpreted as ‘mysterious and intriguing’ by Dinah. Why didn’t that surprise her?

"Yeah. Well not a lot. Or even in complete sentences most of the time. But yeah," Dinah responded. "She showed me how to jimmy a car door," she went on clearly excited. "It was her car," she added when Barbara looked distinctly unimpressed. "Helena taught me how to kill someone by jamming cartilage up into their brain," she went on trying to take some of the heat off of Alexa when Barbara still failed to look impressed.

"Hey, that’s weird," Dinah commented a second later, moving closer to the screen. And she wasn’t just trying to distract Barbara either she’d really noticed something.

"What is?" Barbara asked, her attention back on the matter at hand.

"Well, there’s a streamer," Dinah said pointing to a spot on the screen a meter or so away from the body. "Like this," she said glancing down at herself and picking one off the bottom of her shoe, extending her hand to give it to Helena.

"Hey watch where you’re putting that thing," Helena replied dodging the sticky piece of plastic. Nowhere in her job description did it say she had to touch things found on the bottom of somebody’s shoe.

"They were dropping them from the top of building on 34th street, to celebrate the store opening," Dinah went on rolling her eyes at Helena. "Whoever killed that guy could have been over there tonight."

"Good catch," Barbara replied nodding, turning her head to smile encouragingly at Dinah, her smile growing as the blonde beamed back at her. "You can go with Helena, it’ll be good for you to see a crime scene," she continued without a trace of irony. Helena smirked. Dinah smiled.

"Cool," Dinah responded bouncing on her feet with anticipation. This was the first time Barbara had suggested she go out into the field.

"I need to change," Helena said pushing off of the desk, Dinah following behind her. "Despite what you may have heard, I’ve actually been changing on my own for quite a few years now. Not that I don’t appreciate the thought," she continued looking back at the blonde pointedly.

"I just thought …" Dinah started.

"Thought what?" Helena asked looking at her expectantly.

"Don’t I get an outfit? Oooh, and a codename?" she asked looking between the other two women.

"No," Helena responded after a moment. "Across the board."

"Can’t I at least have a codename?" Dinah asked pleadingly looking at Barbara now knowing that the redhead was a way easier mark than Helena. "I could be … Psyche. It’d go with the whole Greek, Oracle/Delphi thing. Plus, you know, psychic."

Barbara looked over at Helena shrugging.

Helena sighed. "Whatever … Psyche. Just don’t touch the radio," she continued opening the door to her old room. Psyche, she thought to herself shaking her head as she reached for her leathers. What a stupid codename. Huntress was way better … wasn’t it?




Barbara’s finger softly traced her bottom lip, as she looked down at the page in front her, a content smile gracing her features as her eyes scanned the page. It was strange, she felt suffused with a nervous energy, sometimes practically shaking with the excess trying to liberate itself. And at the same time, she felt a deep calm within her, a peacefulness and tranquility that she could barely remember. Her body was a mess of contradictions, her mind fevered and unfocused, her heart full and her soul free. She smiled wider and shook her head at herself, she was being ridiculous and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Turning her head to the side, her smile faded as she watched Helena walk into the clock tower, Dinah cradled in her arms. The young blonde seemed quite unconscious, her head resting on Helena’s shoulders, her fair hair covering her face as her arm was flung loosely around the brunette’s neck.

"What happened?" Barbara asked alarmed. When Helena had signed off, she and Dinah had been getting into the jeep on their way back, perfectly safe and sound.

"Nothing," Helena replied her voice just loud enough for Barbara to make out what she was saying. "Kid fell asleep in the car," she continued gruffly, but softly, rolling her eyes as she headed for the lift in the corner of the room that would take them to the upper level where Dinah’s room was located. "I’ll be back in a minute," she finished stepping in and looking up before she and Dinah were whisked upwards.

Barbara watched her go, the smile that had been on her face before back in full effect. It was official Dinah had wormed her way into Helena’s heart. So naturally the brunette had no choice but to pretend to feel like a scrooge about it, Barbara thought to herself as she headed towards her bedroom.

Helena quickly moved down the ladder, scanning the room with a frown when she reached the bottom. The main part of the loft was empty. Walking out a bit further she caught a glimpse of light and turned her head to the side, towards Barbara’s room. The door was opening allowing the light from within to filter into the main part of the loft.

"Ah, a lady in waiting," Helena said to herself softly, a smile spreading across her face as she headed towards the light.

Leaning against the doorframe Helena looked inside, her eyebrows scrunching together in consternation. Barbara was lying on her bed, but fully clothed with a book (something by Northrop Frye) in her hands, apparently unaware of the fact that Helena had entered the room ready to thoroughly ravage her.

"There you are," Barbara said smoothly, looking up over the edge of the book so that she could see Helena. She smiled at the brunette’s expression and tossed the book to the side carelessly, its pages rustling as it sailed towards the floor in a graceful arch. "Well?" she asked cocking an eyebrow at Helena.

Helena immediately reached behind her tapping the door shut, before starting towards Barbara. She walked almost painfully slowly, her lips curving up sensually as she got closer to the bed. Her eyes trained on Barbara intently, non-blinking and predatory as she tore off her jacket and threw it to the side.

Reaching the side of the bed, Helena leaned over Barbara, bracing her hands on the bed head before moving onto the bed, her legs coming to rest on both sides of Barbara’s body as she straddled the other woman.

Once settled, the brunette then moved her hands to Barbara’s face and carefully, almost reverently, removed her glasses, her eyes only leaving Barbara’s emerald pools to place her glasses soundly on the night side table.

Leaning forward and dipping her head down slightly, Helena brought her lips within centimeters of Barbara’s, a small, playful smile adorning her lips. Barbara leaned forward to capture Helena’s lips, but the brunette leaned back at the last moment making the redhead just barely miss her flesh. She was still smiling. Barbara watched her for a second, then leaned forward again, getting close enough this time to briefly feel the brunette’s soft, wet lips beneath hers before Helena pulled away again. Barbara raised an eyebrow at her, and Helena smiled again. The redhead pursed her lips, her eyes never leaving Helena’s, merely watching her for a few long seconds, and then she smiled. Helena’s lips parted and she exhaled softly as she felt Barbara’s hands in her hair, gripping it firmly. She could feel Barbara dragging her head towards her. She extended her left hand to press against the bed head again and then relaxed allowing herself to be pulled forward, resisting again only when their lips were mere millimeters apart. And they stayed like that - painfully aware of the heat emanating from each others body, of the ragged sounds of their breathing, and the raging beats of their hearts, of each others smell, and remembrance of the taste of full lips - for long intense seconds. And then…Helena surged forward unable to take anymore, her lips crashing against Barbara’s, licking, sucking, and biting as her free hand moved to the redhead’s waist, dipping underneath the fabric of her shirt and moving upwards, her hand tingling at the feel of Barbara’s naked skin against it. Her body shivered with anticipation. Oh, how she loved this woman!


"Should there have been candles and … Enya?" Helena asked, her eyes lazily roaming across the smooth surface of the bedroom ceiling, her left hand rubbing small, soothing circles on Barbara’s back as her other rested on the redhead’s hip, Barbara laying pushed up beside her.

"You’re not doubting the romantic nature of your approach, are you?" Barbara asked smiling as she ran her finger up the middle of Helena’s still damp abdomen. "I mean, surely hearing the words ‘Strip. Now,’ whispered into your ear as your clothes are ripped from your body in wild abandon is the very definition of romance."

"So that’d be a yes, about the candles and Enya and such?" Helena replied smiling, her eyes lowering from the ceiling so that she could observe Barbara for a moment before pressing a kiss to the redhead’s forehead. She found that she was still in awe of the power of the love she felt for Barbara, of the ferocity and tenderness the emotions that swelled within her. She wondered if she would ever get used to the feeling, if she even wanted to.

"No," Barbara replied lifting herself up a bit so that she was leaning on her elbow and eye level with Helena. "Your presence was the only thing required to make tonight special," she continued smiling as Helena looked at her for a moment then turned her head to the side blushing. It was just about the cutest thing Barbara had ever seen in life, and she bent down pressing a kiss onto the skin over Helena’s heart.

"You know, I was worried … but I think I’m pretty good at this," Helena commented a moment later as her hand lovingly stroked Barbara’s face. She was finding that she couldn’t get enough of the feel of Barbara’s body, the way her skin felt sliding beneath her fingers, or pressed against her own.

"At what, tooting your own horn?" Barbara asked, her eyes closing under Helena’s gentle ministrations. She was certain that if most people could see Helena like this - so gentle and peaceful – that the shock of it would knock them unconsciousness. But she wasn’t surprised, she had figured out a long time ago what lay behind the brunette’s walls of defense and was now reveling in the reality of it.

"No," Helena replied looking down at Barbara with a frown before smiling again. "This snuggling thing. I like it," she continued sounding pleased. "I’m better than a futon," she finished, her head tipping back up to stare at the ceiling dreamily.

"I’ll agree with that," Barbara responded tightening the hold she had around Helena’s waist. "You’re also a very yummy treat," she continued kissing Helena’s neck, nipping at it lightly as she went along, kissing her way up.

"Melts in your mouth and in your hands," Helena replied smiling as Barbara kissed her way up her neck and along her jaw line. Barbara had the best, most delicious, most teasing and thoroughly delectable lips she had ever kissed. She could die happily kissing those lips, if they were the last things she ever tasted. She would spend a lifetime worshipping them.

"You wanna go again?" the brunette asked suddenly. When Barbara touched her like that it did things to her, very naughty things. Or maybe it made her want to do very naughty things. She wasn’t so sure about the specifics, only that she liked it.

"With a charming line like that, I don’t know how I could resist," Barbara replied smiling already sliding her hand up Helena’s torso, caressing the tanned skin there suggestively, her actions belaying the sarcasm of her tone. "This time I’m on top," she continued bending down over Helena kissing her passionately, her hands continuing to roam as a warning bell started to ring in the background.

"No," Helena stated firmly as Barbara lifted her head. "No," she repeated her tone pained now. "Come. On," she went on openly whining this time.

Barbara smiled down at her, looking far too amused for Helena’s liking. "A superhero is always on the clock," the redhead whispered leaning down to place one last kiss on the brunette’s lips.

"Where is this clock?" Helena asked broodingly a moment later, sitting up now that Barbara had moved off of the bed. "I wanna know so that I can smash it into itty bitty pieces and mail it to the various corners of the earth," she continued as Barbara deftly moved about the room. "The clock is bad, Barbara, it’s bad," she went on swinging her legs over the edge of the bed and standing up, smiling to herself as she felt Barbara’s eyes on her, watching her as she stretched and then bent down to gather up her clothes.

"You’re gonna be cranky for the rest of the day, aren’t you?" Barbara asked pulling a shirt over her head.

"Not if you find another outlet for my energy," Helena responded holding the door open chivalrously for Barbara. She actually wouldn’t mind kicking some ass. It was the next best thing to sex.

"Is it wrong that that excites me," Barbara asked softly as they headed over to the workstation.

"If it is then I don’t want you to be right," Helena replied, turning to watch Dinah stumble down the ladder to the main floor of the loft. "Good morning," she continued by way of greeting as the blonde stumbled over to them.

"Maybe for those of us who were having sex all night," Dinah grumbled, before grinning and looking over at Helena, only to quickly avert her eyes, a blush creeping up her neck. She was fine with the idea of them having sex, she really was. She just hadn’t been prepared for their rumpled appearances and … scratch marks. Oh god, Dinah thought turning her head to the side some more though she soon found out she was at the limit.

"It was hardly all night," Helena responded thoughtfully watching the blonde’s reaction with some amusement. "We didn’t get back until three … not that’d you’d remember," she continued pointedly raising an eyebrow at the blonde. "It was more like the majority of the early morning. A nice ‘how do you do’ to the coming day," she finished grinning as Dinah finally looked back over at her.

"You’re an ass," Dinah muttered knowing that Helena was playing with her, trying to make her blush again. Suddenly she wondered why she had longed for a big sister figure for so long if this was what it was like.

Brushing past the brunette without another word, Dinah situated herself on the other side of Barbara.

"Knock it off you two," Barbara said already analyzing the information her database had seized. "And just so you know," she continued as Helena wondered off into the kitchen to start rummaging around. "Not appropriate breakfast conversation," she went on.

"Right, it’s really more of a lunchtime kinda deal," Helena called out from the kitchen as she opened the freezer. "Do we have any waffles?" she continued.

"Do you see waffles?" Barbara asked changing terminals.

"No," Helena responded as she considered a jar of peanut butter and wondered how much trouble she would get into for eating it out of the jar.

"Then we don’t have any waffles," Barbara responded rolling her eyes.

"I’m gonna call Alfred," Helena declared coming out of the kitchen peanut-butter-less. "Let me know if you find something."

"There’s no time to call Alfred," Barbara replied wondering if Helena was serious about the cooking thing she’d mentioned the night before, because really, one of them needed to get their act together.

"Sure there is, he’s pretty spry for someone of advanced years," Helena called back the phone already to her ear. "No, no, not you Alfred," she said into the receiver, wincing. "Ah, Mr. Roper … that guy was always getting in everybody’s business. Anyway, since we were talking about food … sure we were talking about food … Mr. Roper had to eat didn’t he?" she continued nodding at the other two women to let them know she had it under control.

Barbara smiled and turned back to the screen.

Life was good.


The End … I think J


Comments are always greatly welcomed and HUGELY appreciated, so pretty please (with cherries and whipped cream and sprinkles and bananas and little umbrellas) drop me a line at jbstories@hotmail.com

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