Well, I was in the mood to paint, so buried myself in this piece for a couple of days. It's not finished yet...still needs...something, and I'm not sure I like the effect of the stars being visible through the sheets. Still debating that one. I dunno. I love the figures...mostly...Sam's left hand needs work...or rather her arm. It wasn't working, so I tried to hide it with the sheet, and I'm not sure but what that's worse. Sigh. There are three versions here, cropped and uncropped, stars visible and stars not visible...and apparently stars semi visible (not the plan, but clearly something didn't get turned off. 

As usual, it's not to be reproduced without express written permission of the artist. Please, no icons, etc. It's just a personal quirk (freaks me out to see my art IDed with someone else...too much a part of me).

Copyright 2009 by Rabbitworks/Pink Rabbit Productions -- All Rights Reserved
- May not be reproduced in any form (online or in print) without the express written permission of the author). This artwork is created strictly for the enjoyment of the artist and visitors to this site and may not be sold or traded in any fashion.

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